The Raven’s Widow: A novel of Jane Boleyn

The Raven's Widow: A novel of Jane Boleyn Author Adrienne Dillard
ISBN-10 8494649833
ISBN-13 9788494649837
Year 2017-02-08
Pages 378
Language English
Publisher MadeGlobal Publishing
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Jane Boleyn is finally given the thoughtful and poignant story she has long been denied Olga Hughes Nerdalicious com au An absorbing story that draws you into a vividly created world Amy Licence Best Selling Author and Historian The river was as calm as I had ever seen it Ordinarily the tide would have been wild by this time of year and woe unto any man unfortunate enough to fall into the fierce currents of the Thames Tonight the tides were still and the surface of the water appeared glassy When I peered down into the dark depths I saw my tired drawn face wavering in the reflection I quickly turned away as I fought back a wave of nausea frightened by the anguish I saw etched there Only a few moments more my lady the Tower is just ahead Jane Parker never dreamed that her marriage into the Boleyn family would raise her star to such dizzying heights Before long she finds herself as trusted servant and confidante to her sister in law Anne Boleyn King Henry VIIIs second queen On a gorgeous spring day that golden era is cut short by the swing of a sword Jane is unmoored by the tragic death of her husband George and her loss sets her on a reckless path that leads to her own imprisonment in the Tower of London Surrounded by the remnants of her former life Jane must come to terms with her actions In the Tower she will face up to who she really is and how everything went so wrong Author Interview What makes The Raven s Widow A Novel of Jane Boleyn special The Ravens Widow is special because it is a well known story told from a completely new perspective This is the first time weve seen Jane Boleyn as she truly is a sympathetic woman sacrificed as collateral damage to the whims of a mercurial king Who was Jane Boleyn Jane Boleyn was the daughter of Baron Morley one Margaret Beauforts most favoured courtiers She married George Boleyn shortly after joining the household of Catherine of Aragon and then went on to serve his sister Anne Boleyn After the execution of her husband and sister in law she returned to court to serve Henry VIIIs next two wives It is for her service to his fifth wife Katherine Howard that she is most known for Jane was caught up Katherines indiscretions and found herself joining her mistress on the scaffold Jane was executed on February 13 1542 alongside her queen Is your Jane Boleyn different from other fictional portrayals My Jane is quite different than anything readers have ever seen before Unlike Philippa Gregory or Hillary Mantels version my Jane truly is a victim of circumstance You wont see her selling out her husband and sister in law to Thomas Cromwell or the Duke of Norfolk Youll also see her in a loving relationship with her husband one based on factual evidence not like the marriage shown in the movies or on shows like The Tudors Why should readers give your historical fiction novels a try Historical accuracy in fiction has always been important to me Thats why I spend years researching everything that goes into my novels I work hard to vividly recreate the people and places of Tudor England while keeping my story grounded in the historical record The goal of each novel is to shine a light on the hidden or maligned figures of the royal court Historical fictionHistorical romanceTudor fictionHistorical fiction bestsellersHistorical novel

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