Your Next Big Thing

Your Next Big Thing Author Ben Michaelis
ISBN-10 9781440541919
Release 2012-11-18
Pages 240
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Ten Steps to Moving Ahead with Purpose! Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling unsure of where your day--or your life--is going? You wonder what else might be out there. You know you deserve more fulfillment from your life. You think to yourself: What's next? We've all felt that way at one point or another, but have you ever considered it to be your opportunity to create a life that will leave you more fulfilled? It's an exhilarating prospect to attain that life you desire. But you can't get there alone. Dr. Ben Michaelis's life-changing wisdom will give you the tools and confidence you need to take that chance--and live your life with purpose. Throughout this guide, he provides visionary yet practical strategies, quizzes, and exercises to teach you about your true self. He'll help you pinpoint exactly what you need to realize your purpose and progress toward your goals. Whether you're in need of business or personal guidance, this ten-step plan helps you look forward without fear--so you can achieve joy, passion, and the enriched life you never thought possible.

Building Your Next Big Thing with Google Cloud Platform

Building Your Next Big Thing with Google Cloud Platform Author Jose Ugia Gonzalez
ISBN-10 9781484210048
Release 2015-06-15
Pages 396
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Building Your Next Big Thing with Google Cloud Platform shows you how to take advantage of the Google Cloud Platform technologies to build all kinds of cloud-hosted software and services for both public and private consumption. Whether you need a simple virtual server to run your legacy application or you need to architect a sophisticated high-traffic web application, Cloud Platform provides all the tools and products required to create innovative applications and a robust infrastructure to manage them. Google is known for the scalability, reliability, and efficiency of its various online products, from Google Search to Gmail. And, the results are impressive. Google Search, for example, returns results literally within fractions of second. How is this possible? Google custom-builds both hardware and software, including servers, switches, networks, data centers, the operating system’s stack, application frameworks, applications, and APIs. Have you ever imagined what you could build if you were able to tap the same infrastructure that Google uses to create and manage its products? Now you can! Building Your Next Big Thing with Google Cloud Platform shows you how to take advantage of the Google Cloud Platform technologies to build all kinds of cloud-hosted software and services for both public and private consumption. Whether you need a simple virtual server to run your legacy application or you need to architect a sophisticated high-traffic web application, Cloud Platform provides all the tools and products required to create innovative applications and a robust infrastructure to manage them. Using this book as your compass, you can navigate your way through the Google Cloud Platform and turn your ideas into reality. The authors, both Google Developer Experts in Google Cloud Platform, systematically introduce various Cloud Platform products one at a time and discuss their strengths and scenarios where they are a suitable fit. But rather than a manual-like "tell all" approach, the emphasis is on how to Get Things Done so that you get up to speed with Google Cloud Platform as quickly as possible. You will learn how to use the following technologies, among others: Google Compute Engine Google App Engine Google Container Engine Google App Engine Managed VMs Google Cloud SQL Google Cloud Storage Google Cloud Datastore Google BigQuery Google Cloud Dataflow Google Cloud DNS Google Cloud Pub/Sub Google Cloud Endpoints Google Cloud Deployment Manager Author on Google Cloud Platform Google APIs and Translate API Using real-world examples, the authors first walk you through the basics of cloud computing, cloud terminologies and public cloud services. Then they dive right into Google Cloud Platform and how you can use it to tackle your challenges, build new products, analyze big data, and much more. Whether you’re an independent developer, startup, or Fortune 500 company, you have never had easier to access to world-class production, product development, and infrastructure tools. Google Cloud Platform is your ticket to leveraging your skills and knowledge into making reliable, scalable, and efficient products—just like how Google builds its own products.


Hunch Author Bernadette Jiwa
ISBN-10 9780241979150
Release 2017-06-01
Pages 160
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Where will your next big idea come from? Analyzing hard data? A corporate brainstorming session? Customer focus groups? Or closer to home? Successful entrepreneurs don't wait for proof that their idea will work. They learn to trust their gut and go. In Hunch, bestselling author and business adviser Bernadette Jiwa shows you how to harness the power of your intuition so you can recognize opportunities others miss and create the breakthrough idea the world is waiting for. She explores inspired hunches, from one that led to the launch of the breakout Goldiblox brand, to another that helped a doctor reduce infant mortality around the world. Filled with success stories, reflection exercises and writing prompts, Hunch is the indispensable guide to embracing your unique potential and discovering your own winning ideas.

Time to Start

Time to Start Author Danny Hile
ISBN-10 1537396781
Release 2016-10-19
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Have you always wanted to start your own business or side project but you can never find the time? You're not alone. I have been fortunate to meet hundreds of business owners, managers, executives and workers who have one thing in common. Most of them have a secret passion or side project but they can never find the time to work on it. We all have 24 hours in a day, yet we struggle to find any spare. We live in the most resourceful period in history, yet we struggle to achieve our goals. What would you start if you had two more hours today? Would you write your book, start your own blog, start your own part time business or start learning a new skill? In this book, you will learn there is plenty of time to work on your goals. You will learn how to take back control of your time and your life by following a simple, step-by-step plan. Whatever you want to pursue, if you need more time this book is for you!

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing Author Barbara Gottfried Hollander
ISBN-10 9781448869329
Release 2012-07-15
Pages 64
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Many of the richest young entrepreneurs in the world have earned their money by developing digital products. Digital products are goods and services that can be stored, used, and delivered in an electronic format. Today, they include a wide variety of products, such as apps, Web sites, blogs, games, and online social networks. Technological advancements-including the continual release of new platforms-provide a growing number of opportunities for young digital entrepreneurs. The author explains how to develop a concept for a digital product that users will love. In addition, chapters cover practical matters involved in creating a start-up, including evaluating the market, writing a business plan, and protecting one's intellectual property. Stories of real-life teen entrepreneurs enliven the text and inspire the reader.

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing Author Johanna Edwards
ISBN-10 9781440684623
Release 2005-03-01
Pages 352
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In this funny, poignant debut, a plus-size heroine becomes a reality TV show contestant and discovers she's already beautiful enough to be the next big thing. Kat Larson figured she had nothing to lose by becoming a contestant on the new reality show From Fat to Fabulous-except maybe a few dozen pounds. Then she'd finally be able to arrange a face-to-face meeting with Nick, the British hunk she met online, who still thinks she's a size four. She'd finally be confident and graceful and thin-and there's that big cash prize, too, to pay for all those slinky new clothes she'd need. She'd finally have the perfect life.


Coolfarming Author Peter Gloor
ISBN-10 9780814413876
Release 2010-07-14
Pages 240
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Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a business leader, what you want most is to be at the head of the pack with the latest, hottest consumer enthusiasm: a product or service that comes across as brilliant, original, and hip; the kind of thing that not only seems cool in and of itself, but makes the lucky consumer who uses it feel cool. “Coolhunting” refers to the process of seeking out and finding the latest trends. Now Coolfarming shows you how to dig deeper and become a part of the initial development phase of what will be the next hot phenomenon, converting creative dreams into cool products by enlisting the help of dedicated and passionate collaborators. You’ll learn how to nurture your own Collaborative Innovation Network (COIN), a group of intrinsically motivated people assembled around a common vision. COINs are not new. They have long been found swarming around the genesis of new ideas. An earlier example of a successful COIN was Menlo Park, the research lab where Thomas Edison assembled other creative geniuses responsible for “hot new ideas” such as air conditioning and the light bulb. The rapidly expanding uses of social networking and Google’s exponential, innovation-driven growth are other, more current examples. In Coolfarming, you’ll discover how to grow your own trends by creating an environment where COINs flourish; then—once a product has become established—extend the creative pool into a Collaborative Learning Network, or CLN, whereby a targeted group of interested people are brought in to learn the basics of the product, make suggestions for improvements, point out deficiencies, and push the idea forward. When this feedback gets incorporated, things get really interesting, expanding the process further outward to a Collaborative Interest Network (CIN) that encompasses thousands or even millions of users, building what hopefully turns into a loyal fan base…and virtually guaranteeing the success of the idea. Featuring real-life examples from Linux to the Twilight series, from Procter & Gamble to Apple, Coolfarming lets you in on the practical, step-by-step processes that will allow you to successfully cultivate the kind of swarm creativity that generates hot new trends. . .and then push them over the tipping point to commercial success.

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing Author Kenneth M. Mosley
ISBN-10 9781467088886
Release 2007-03-27
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The Next Big Thing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Next Big Thing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Next Big Thing book for free.

The Next Big Thing Is Really Small

The Next Big Thing Is Really Small Author Deb Newberry
ISBN-10 9781409006176
Release 2010-09-30
Pages 208
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What does nanotechnology have to do with your business? Plenty. If you don't believe it, go ahead and wait for the nanotech era to arrive. But don't be surprised when other forward-thinking companies get a head-start. Nanotechnology means that we can design and build materials from the ground up, atom by atom, to exact design specifications. If Levi's came to dominate the jeans market because they used nanostructured materials that have a softer feel than cotton, won't wrinkle, and can prevent stains, what happens to the denim sector? What about the local dry cleaner and laundry detergent makers? Uldrich and Newberry teach readers how to think strategically about nanotechnology and how to apply this newfound knowledge to make wise and profitable investment decisions. They will chronicle the factors driving nanotechnology's rapid developments and detail the events, forces and people who will usher in the next revolution.

Raising The Next BIG Thing

Raising The Next BIG Thing Author Natalie Harris
ISBN-10 9781483532035
Release 2014-06-16
Pages 60
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Raising The Next Big Thing is an informative guide that discusses the tools and materials you need to get your child developed and ready to advance to a professional entertainer. You will receive information on how to obtain representation and how to live a well balanced life once you reach your goal of being the parent of an active entertainer.

Monopoly Rules

Monopoly Rules Author Milind M. Lele
ISBN-10 9780307238344
Release 2005-08-30
Pages 224
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“Competition is the bane of the free enterprise system.” —Anonymous business mogul What people on the front lines—making, marketing, and selling products and services—really want is to be alone in the marketplace, to have a space that they own for a long enough period of time so they can make some real money. In this short, powerful book, Milind Lele shows you how. Conventional wisdom attributes winning to having the best products at the lowest prices, a great brand, superior management, and the lowest overhead. All are obviously of great importance, but in actuality anyone can achieve them. Dr. Lele shows that winning comes from focusing on these monopoly rules: • What patch of open market space does this business own—or could it own? • Is the space really open or is it wishful thinking? • Are there enough customers whose needs are not being met and are they willing to spend money to have those needs met? • How long will this space remain open and why? • What do you have to do to capture it and wall it off? • When will the party end and what do we do next? For example, for many coffee lovers there is no one but Starbucks. The moment people found out what coffee could, and should, taste like it was as if a giant lightbulb went off inside their heads—and Starbucks had a monopoly. The best monopoly opportunities are situational, often soft and intangible. They’re segments, not the mass market, and often in the customer’s mind. For the customer there is no one but you, since what you provide can’t be easily copied, duplicated, or ripped off. Monopoly Rules couldn’t come at a better time, as an almost perfect storm seems to be hitting every business. Customers are changing and the homogenous mass market has gone the way of the nickel soda. Now the game is winning market segments. In this world, Monopoly Rules provides a new way to think and take action and stay ahead of the game. Also available as an eBook From the Hardcover edition.

Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman

Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman Author Vickie L. Milazzo
ISBN-10 1118162692
Release 2011-09-20
Pages 272
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We're all just one step away from achieving what we want and getting what we deserve out of life. To seize control of her own life and career, Vickie Milazzo, internationally known women's mentor, New York Times bestselling author, Inc. Top 10 Entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, was willing to take a whacking from a Buddhist monk, jump out of an airplane and step out of a comfortable job into the unknown. In Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman, Vickie shares every success secret she used to grow her career into a $16-million business. Vickie shows you how to get real about achieving wicked success. Not witches and flying broomsticks wicked—but exaggerated wicked. Reading this book, you'll feel like you're sitting with a good friend who inspires you, encourages you and pushes you to think in a more exaggerated and uncommon way. This is a buck-up book with a buck-up plan for any woman ready to take back control of her life and career and unleash the wicked success inside every woman.

The Airplane

The Airplane Author Karl Milde
ISBN-10 9781462049400
Release 2011-09-28
Pages 324
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Never one to color inside the lines, the brilliant inventor Carl Collingwood is positive that his new aircraft will trigger waves of influence worldwide, changing the course of aeronautics forever. Investigative journalist Juli Gables is granted exclusive rights to cover the first flight of Collingwood’s groundbreaking aircraft. But when the plane inexplicably crashes and kills its creator, Gables finds herself witness, and reporter, to a tragic story. Using her investigative skills and sharp observations, Gables resolves to unearth the cause of the crash for the sake of Collingwood’s widow. She learns that it was not a mechanical malfunction that killed Collingwood; someone wanted him dead. With her newfound knowledge, Gables may be in danger, too—especially when this investigation leads her all the way to the White House. As she attempts to get closer to the truth, Gables is dogged at every step by disruptive parties, including the police and fellow reporters. As her investigation continues, she uncovers a plot to assassinate the President of the United States when he is scheduled to give a speech at the United States Military Academy at West Point. When authorities do not listen to her as she voices her claims, it seems as if Gables will have to take matters into her own hands in order to prevent imminent tragedy.

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing Author Dan Zadra
ISBN-10 1935414275
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 208
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Da Vinci, Einstein, Edison, Newton, Galileoso many great thinkers, innovators, and artists were doodlers. The simple act of doodling random, free-flowing shapes, squiggles, and words jump-starts the right side of your brain, unlocking the door to new possibilities. And this doodle book is the ideal place to capture, shape, and record them. The Next Big Thing makes a wonderful gift for all the creative people in your life. Each spread features an inspiring thought on creativity, innovation, or idea generationwith generous space given to doodle, draw, and dream.

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing Author Richard Faulk
ISBN-10 9781936976676
Release 2015-02-01
Pages 224
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We are always hearing about the Next Big Thing. Whether it is a new iPhone or the New World, the freshest and newest inventions, discoveries, and fads loom large in the public mind. The impact that everyonethinks these "next big things" will have is often more important than the actual impact it generates. After all, if it fails, it will be almost immediately forgotten.The Next Big Thing searches through 3,000 years of Western culture to find the colorful and key steps (and missteps) that led us to where we are today. Paradigm-shifting events, such as the spread of ethical monotheism and the invention of the printing press stand beside such cultural ephemera as the aborted U.S metric campaign and the misbegotten vogue for smart drinks. Each entry features the historical context of that Next Big Thing as well as an overview of its legacy, including photos, sidebars, trivia, and quotes.

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing Author Sadie Hayes
ISBN-10 9781250035691
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 352
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The Next Big Thing is the second page-turning installment in Sadie Hayes' Start-Up series, following twin college students Amelia and Adam as they attempt to make it in the competitive world of Silicon Valley. Amelia and Adam's new company, Doreye, may have won over Silicon Valley, but the trouble is far from over. After facing down skepticism, a meddler from their past and a saboteur who makes their app malfunction right when it matters most, drama suddenly seems to be brewing within the ranks. While Adam has money signs in his eyes and enough charm to win over the investors, Amelia decides she wants to give away their app for free, leading to discord and a separation of responsibilities—and power. As if that weren't hard enough on their relationship, Adam and Amelia are both keeping secrets from each other, the kinds of secrets that could change everything if revealed. As they grow farther apart, others grow closer together. Patty finds a new boyfriend—and a fascinating new job—to distract her from Chad; Adam becomes involved with an older woman who seems to be as interested in Doreye as he is; and TJ starts to notice that Amelia is more than just a computer nerd with the tensions running high, Adam makes a decision that topples Amelia's carefully constructed life and sets off a chain of events that could threaten the future of Doreye. Can Amelia find a way to save their company before it's too late?

Realtime Web Apps HTML5 WebSocket Pusher and the Web s Next Big Thing

Realtime Web Apps  HTML5 WebSocket  Pusher  and the Web   s Next Big Thing Author Jason Lengstorf
ISBN-10 9781430246206
Release 2013-02-20
Pages 400
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Realtime Web Apps: HTML5 WebSocket, Pusher, and the Web’s Next Big Thing is a guide for intermediate- to advanced-level web developers looking to take the next leap forward in website and app development: realtime. With Realtime Web Apps, you’ll be able to quickly get up to speed on what HTML5 WebSocket does, how it is going to affect the future of the web as we know it, and—thanks to Pusher’s simple API—start developing your first realtime app today. Using a practical approach, Realtime Web Apps will guide you through building your first app using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Pusher. After your initial introduction to the technologies used in the book, you’ll immediately jump into the process of creating a realtime Q&A app that will work on desktop browsers as well as mobile phones (including iOS and Android). In addition to learning realtime development strategies, you’ll also learn progressive development strategies including responsive CSS3 layouts, AJAX development with jQuery, and more. The future of the web is realtime. Grab your hoverboard. Introduces you to the revolutionary capabilities of the HTML5 WebSocket API Gets you started with WebSocket immediately using the super-simple Pusher API Walks you through the development of a real-life realtime web app Gets you working with responsive layouts, jQuery, and AJAX development What you’ll learn Familiarize yourself with what “realtime” means and how it changes the web as we know it. Learn how to utilize responsive web design and jQuery to create a single web app instead of multiple platform-specific applications. Get up and running with the Pusher API to start developing realtime apps today. Build a web app back-end with PHP and MySQL. Integrate AJAX and realtime interactivity into your web app. Use OAuth 2.0 to allow users to log in to your app (including Facebook and Twitter OAuth). Who this book is for Realtime Web Apps: HTML5 WebSocket, Pusher, and the Web’s Next Big Thing is for the intermediate- to advanced-level web developer who is ready to usher in the next era of web apps. It’s for the professionals who don’t have time to learn an entirely new skillset, but have a need to implement realtime functionality into their projects. Realtime Web Apps is written for—and by—geeks who love to expand their skillset but don’t have weeks to dedicate to learning how to implement new technology. It’s the perfect tool for busy web professionals who need to get up to speed with the latest the web has to offer quickly and in such a way that it’s immediately applicable to their projects.