Walking the Tightrope of Faith

Walking the Tightrope of Faith Author Hendrik Hart
ISBN-10 9042007168
Release 1999
Pages 235
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This book expands upon the dialogue between the atheist philosopher Kai Nielsen and the Christian philosopher Hendrik Hart in the bookSearch for Community in A Withering Tradition. Collected here for the first time are the responses of several prominent Canadian philosophers to Nielsen's outspoken work in the philosophy of religion, including their responses to Hart's criticisms of Nielsen. New replies by Hart and Nielsen to these added voices are also included. This volume is of interest for students in the philosophy of religion who wish to examine the encounter between religious faith and secular humanism at the close of the twentieth century, an increasingly postmodern time in which the appeal to an a historical standard of rationality is no longer sought or even thought possible. This book tackles tough topics like the appropriate role of reason in the intellectual criticism and defense of faith, the limits of the rational justification of human knowledge, the role of pre-reflective commitments in human intellectual life, the nature of truth, and the possibility for peace in a world consisting of a plural and often violent collection of cultural and religious groups.

The Power of Praise

The Power of Praise Author J A Russell
ISBN-10 9781496995094
Release 2014-11-17
Pages 68
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The Psalms enter God’s heart, reaching from the height and depth of our being. What makes the Psalms so especially relevant to our prayer life is that they were part of the prayer life of Jesus, hallowed words prayed to His Father in Heaven. The beautiful surroundings of the Santa Barbara Mission in California lend themselves to contemplating the splendour of creation and the marvel of God as Creator. In this book the chosen Psalms reflect the joy that is found in delighting in God, the comfort found in resting in Him. However we pray the Psalms, saying or chanting them, we can come ever deeper into the healing Presence of God, knowing His love for us as His beloved children in Christ Jesus.

Teen to Teen

Teen to Teen Author Patti M. Hummel
ISBN-10 9781433681677
Release 2013-11-01
Pages 377
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Provides a daily devotional filled with personal experiences by teenage boys in order to guide readers through difficult issues by living through Christ.

Prison Religion

Prison Religion Author Winnifred Fallers Sullivan
ISBN-10 9781400830374
Release 2011-09-06
Pages 320
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More than the citizens of most countries, Americans are either religious or in jail--or both. But what does it mean when imprisonment and evangelization actually go hand in hand, or at least appear to? What do "faith-based" prison programs mean for the constitutional separation of church and state, particularly when prisoners who participate get special privileges? In Prison Religion, law and religion scholar Winnifred Fallers Sullivan takes up these and other important questions through a close examination of a 2005 lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a faith-based residential rehabilitation program in an Iowa state prison. Americans United for the Separation of Church and State v. Prison Fellowship Ministries, a trial in which Sullivan served as an expert witness, centered on the constitutionality of allowing religious organizations to operate programs in state-run facilities. Using the trial as a case study, Sullivan argues that separation of church and state is no longer possible. Religious authority has shifted from institutions to individuals, making it difficult to define religion, let alone disentangle it from the state. Prison Religion casts new light on church-state law, the debate over government-funded faith-based programs, and the predicament of prisoners who have precious little choice about what kind of rehabilitation they receive, if they are offered any at all.

Walking the Tightrope Without a Grace Net

Walking the Tightrope Without a Grace Net Author Brenda M. Myers
ISBN-10 9781450237635
Release 2010-06
Pages 112
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The Christian life was meant to be danced but not on your tip toes. A tightrope walk was my spiritual life. One missed step meant you were falling into hell if you didn't repent immediately. I was taught that true Christians never sinned, or if they did, they would have to "get saved" all over again. An unreasonable standard of "holiness" and a constant striving of perfection flowed from this belief. Lists of dos and don'ts were in abundance in an effort to practice the "idol of holiness." Are you walking that tightrope? By understanding God's true character through His saving grace on the cross, you can break free from the bondage of legalism and unholy fear, anxiety, and frustration, into a life of gratefulness for God's love, mercy, and grace. You can begin the balancing act of leaving legalism behind and finding true liberty in Christ.


ISBN-10 9780557564293
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WALKING TOWARD A VICTORIOUS LIFE BOOK 2 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from WALKING TOWARD A VICTORIOUS LIFE BOOK 2 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full WALKING TOWARD A VICTORIOUS LIFE BOOK 2 book for free.

The Pentagon of Faith A Christian s Need for the Traditional Faith of our Fathers

The Pentagon of Faith  A Christian s Need for the Traditional Faith of our Fathers Author Rev. Dr. Donald R. Hayes, DTh, ASF
ISBN-10 9781105517242
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 216
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Sacred Theism vs. Secular Humanism outlines original sin and the forces of good vs. evil working in our world today.

Walking the Tightrope

Walking the Tightrope Author Erica Orloff
ISBN-10 0131420240
Release 2004
Pages 152
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A positive approach that helps readers examine what they are already doing right and how to use that as a solid foundation to build upon.

Walking God s Tightrope

Walking God s Tightrope Author Victoria Lloyd
ISBN-10 9781450067980
Release 2010-05-19
Pages 84
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The spirit of God said to me, “Close your eyes,” and I did. Then He said, “This is why men should always pray; now open your eyes.” As I did, the person that had knocked me to the floor jumped back and shouted as loud as she could to her friend that was with her, “Look at her! She is crazy! Man, she is crazy!” She backed away from me to the door of the room and called the police on her own self. Life can be like a tennis game; it serves you up all kind of unexpected moves. You have to know how to return your play to be a winner. Jesus made it clear, “His favor and loving-kindness and mercy are enough for you through any danger. My strength and power will pitch a tent over and dwell upon you.”[1 Corinthians 12:9] while walking God’s tightrope to victory in this world.

The Book of Buechner

The Book of Buechner Author W. Dale Brown
ISBN-10 9780664231132
Release 2006
Pages 394
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The most thorough and extensive investigation ever written on the much-beloved writer, The Book of Buechner explores the ways in which Frederick Buechner's writing, particularly his fiction, presents the possibilities of grace in the midst of the ambiguities of human existence and introduces themes of Christian faith. Both long-time readers and neophytes seeking a guide through his writings will delight in the illuminating analysis Dale Brown has to offer. Intelligent and gratifying, The Book of Buechner is a much overdue literary journey through one of the most significant American writers of the last fifty years.

On a Tightrope

On a Tightrope Author Sharyn Albright
ISBN-10 1536854832
Release 2016-12-01
Pages 312
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Sharyn Albright believes God engineered this book. Highly personal, it highlights her walk of faith through commonplace and profound experiences, all serving a specific purpose and fashioned by God to teach, mature, strengthen, and prepare her for each chapter in her life. Readers will understand without a doubt that God will carry us through every storm of our lives. Readers will be... * Entertained by the variety of exciting adventures, some even humorous.* Motivated to discover how God uses circumstances in your life to inspire, instruct and mature your faith.* Encouraged to seek, know and experience God for yourself.* Compelled to renew and strengthen your commitment to Him daily as you walk this tightrope called life. Discover that God is the architect of your life. He is always with you, even throughout the toughest, darkest of times.

Walking the Small Group Tightrope

Walking the Small Group Tightrope Author Bill Donahue
ISBN-10 9780310559344
Release 2009-05-26
Pages 208
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Six Ways to Improve Your Balance as a Group LeaderLeading a successful small group is like walking a tightrope. You traverse a taut, exciting line, balancing the dynamic tensions characteristic of every group. Drawing from the concept of “polarity management,” Bill Donahue and Russ Robinson help you understand and deal with six dynamic areas every group leader must manage in order to create genuine, transforming small group community.Your group is in for unprecedented connection and growth when you harness the interplay between • Truth and Life• Care and Discipleship• Friendship and Accountability• Kindness and Confrontation• Task and People• Openness and IntimacyEffective, life-giving small groups learn how to embrace both ends of each continuum. Walking the Small Group Tightrope will strengthen your sense of balance, help you gain confidence as a leader, and show you how to release the untapped creative and relational energy in your group.

Faith Seeking Understanding

Faith Seeking Understanding Author Daniel L. Migliore
ISBN-10 080282787X
Release 2004-06-14
Pages 439
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Daniel Migliore's Faith Seeking Understanding has been a standard introduction to Christian theology for more than a decade. The book's presentation of traditional doctrine in freshly contemporary ways, its concern to hear and critically engage new voices in theology, and its creative and accessible style have kept it one of the most stimulating, balanced, and readable guides to theology available. This second edition of Faith Seeking Understanding features improvements from cover to cover. Besides updating and expanding the entire text of the book, Migliore has added two completely new chapters. The first, "Confessing Jesus Christ in Context," explores the unique contributions to Christian theology made by recent theologians working in the African American, Asian American, Latin American, Hispanic, feminist, womanist, and mujerista traditions. The second new chapter, "The Finality of Jesus Christ and Religious Pluralism," addresses the growing interest in the relationship of Christianity to other religions and their adherents. Migliore's three delightful theological dialogues are followed by a new appendix, an extensive glossary of theological terms, making the book even more useful to students seeking to understand the history, themes, and challenges of Christian belief.

Heidegger and the Quest for the Sacred

Heidegger and the Quest for the Sacred Author F. Schalow
ISBN-10 9789401597739
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 207
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Although there are various `religious' traces in Heidegger's philosophy, little effort has been made to show the systematic import which his thinking has for outlining a full range of religious and theological questions. Precisely because his thought is opposed to the construction of any `dogma', his vast writings provide clues to what meaning(s) the `Sacred' and the `Divine' may have in a postmodern age where the very possibility of `faith' hangs in the balance. By showing how Heidegger's own thinking can be interpreted as a struggle to come to terms with religious questions, this book undertakes a postmodern investigation of the Sacred which both draws upon and transcends various world-religions and denominations. A postmodern, non-sectarian vision of the Sacred thereby becomes possible which is open to the plurality of religious experiences on the one hand, and yet affirms on the other Heidegger's emphasis (in Beiträge zur Philosophie) on the `last god' as the displacing of all sectarian visions of god. This book will have special appeal to Heidegger scholars, as well as students interested in the overlap between phenomenology and philosophical theology.

Walking the Tightrope

Walking the Tightrope Author James Ugwuogo
ISBN-10 9781449792251
Release 2013-05-10
Pages 88
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“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” – Ephesians 2:10. This presupposes that we were not saved just because we did something good, special, or amazing; on the contrary, after we have been saved we are then called to do good works. Just as in every work we do in life, we need some training. We are first taught what is expected of us and sometimes supervised (rebuked and corrected—if that is what it takes) until we got the job done. Then, after passing through the learning curves, we are expected to show some competency and sometimes required to train others (2 Timothy 2:2). 2 Timothy 3:16 outlines the purpose of the Scriptures, which is teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training till we attain verse 17 status: “thoroughly equipped.” God does not want us to be ill-equipped, rather to be completely and thoroughly equipped for every (not just some, but every) good work. The Scripture: teaches us what we ought to know shows us sins, blind spots, or errors to avoid helps us make it right again and helps us stay our course If there is any blessing or laurel or glory as a result of this book, therefore, let the glory be to God and not to men.

Life Beneath the Surface

Life Beneath the Surface Author Mike Pilavachi
ISBN-10 0830738975
Release 2006
Pages 208
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People seeking ways to integrate their faith with real life will appreciate Pilavachi's prescription for living life. He invites his readers to meet with God and allow Him to reach every aspect of their lives.

No Faith in Religion

No Faith in Religion Author John Saxbee
ISBN-10 9781846942204
Release 2009
Pages 164
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If religion is characterised by the recruitment of God to serve our agendas, and faith is about putting our agendas at the service of God, then clearly there is too much religion in the world, and not enough faith. The first eight chapters of this book apply this religion/faith dichotomy to some crucial areas of interest to those exploring what it might mean to be people of faith in a world saturated with religion.