Tightrope Walking

Tightrope Walking Author John M. Safarik
ISBN-10 9781607994329
Release 2009-10
Pages 200
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It is not easy to keep life's attractions and distractions in perspective and under control. In today's high-speed society, we are called to multitask in all aspects of our lives and all too often we find ourselves teetering on tightrope of today instead of focusing on the future. With God on his side, author John Safarik has developed a basic guide to keeping ourselves in balance. Strip yourself of stress and discover that life can be as easy as Tightrope Walking. Strip yourself of stress and discover that life can be as easy as Tightrope Walking.

Feyerabend and Scientific Values

Feyerabend and Scientific Values Author Robert P Farrell
ISBN-10 9789401715423
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 259
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This book deals with the entrenched misunderstandings of Feyerabend's philosophy, brings together the positive elements to be found in Feyerabend's work, and presents these elements as a coherent alternative conception of scientific rationality. It is the first book-length study of Feyerabend's post-1970 philosophy and will be an invaluable resource for philosophers of science, students of the philosophy of science, and anyone who wants to understand the views of one of the most influential philosophers of science of the twentieth century.

Tightrope Walking

Tightrope Walking Author Zhozefina Leonidovna Pasternak
ISBN-10 UVA:X004901096
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 296
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Tightrope Walking has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tightrope Walking also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tightrope Walking book for free.

Tightrope Walking

Tightrope Walking Author Michael Carver
ISBN-10 UVA:X002161732
Release 1992
Pages 191
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The object of defence policy, states Lord Carver, is to provide those who direct affairs with the greatest possible freedom of action in furthering the interests of the nation. In telling the story of British defence policy from VE-Day to the Gulf War and the collapse of Communism, he illustrates the key decisions which had the greatest influence on us as a nation. His narrative pinpoints the painful transitions involved in a long retreat from Empire, and the adjustments which have been made - some voluntarily, some under pressure - to take account of Britain's changing role in the world.

Tightrope Walking

Tightrope Walking Author Gwyneth Daniel
ISBN-10 1901375110
Release 2008
Pages 85
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Tightrope Walking has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tightrope Walking also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tightrope Walking book for free.

Walking the Tightrope of Faith

Walking the Tightrope of Faith Author Hendrik Hart
ISBN-10 9042007060
Release 1999
Pages 235
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This book expands upon the dialogue between the atheist philosopher Kai Nielsen and the Christian philosopher Hendrik Hart in the book Search for Community in A Withering Tradition. Collected here for the first time are the responses of several prominent Canadian philosophers to Nielsen's outspoken work in the philosophy of religion, including their responses to Hart's criticisms of Nielsen. New replies by Hart and Nielsen to these added voices are also included. This volume is of interest for students in the philosophy of religion who wish to examine the encounter between religious faith and secular humanism at the close of the twentieth century, an increasingly postmodern time in which the appeal to an a historical standard of rationality is no longer sought or even thought possible. This book tackles tough topics like the appropriate role of reason in the intellectual criticism and defense of faith, the limits of the rational justification of human knowledge, the role of pre-reflective commitments in human intellectual life, the nature of truth, and the possibility for peace in a world consisting of a plural and often violent collection of cultural and religious groups.

Walking God s Tightrope

Walking God s Tightrope Author Victoria Lloyd
ISBN-10 9781450067980
Release 2010-05-19
Pages 84
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The spirit of God said to me, “Close your eyes,” and I did. Then He said, “This is why men should always pray; now open your eyes.” As I did, the person that had knocked me to the floor jumped back and shouted as loud as she could to her friend that was with her, “Look at her! She is crazy! Man, she is crazy!” She backed away from me to the door of the room and called the police on her own self. Life can be like a tennis game; it serves you up all kind of unexpected moves. You have to know how to return your play to be a winner. Jesus made it clear, “His favor and loving-kindness and mercy are enough for you through any danger. My strength and power will pitch a tent over and dwell upon you.”[1 Corinthians 12:9] while walking God’s tightrope to victory in this world.

Walking the Small Group Tightrope

Walking the Small Group Tightrope Author Bill Donahue
ISBN-10 9780310559344
Release 2009-05-26
Pages 208
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Six Ways to Improve Your Balance as a Group LeaderLeading a successful small group is like walking a tightrope. You traverse a taut, exciting line, balancing the dynamic tensions characteristic of every group. Drawing from the concept of “polarity management,” Bill Donahue and Russ Robinson help you understand and deal with six dynamic areas every group leader must manage in order to create genuine, transforming small group community.Your group is in for unprecedented connection and growth when you harness the interplay between • Truth and Life• Care and Discipleship• Friendship and Accountability• Kindness and Confrontation• Task and People• Openness and IntimacyEffective, life-giving small groups learn how to embrace both ends of each continuum. Walking the Small Group Tightrope will strengthen your sense of balance, help you gain confidence as a leader, and show you how to release the untapped creative and relational energy in your group.

Walking the Parenting Tightrope

Walking the Parenting Tightrope Author Russ Robinson
ISBN-10 0801065526
Release 2005-01
Pages 223
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Walking the Parenting Tightrope is ideal for moms and dads seeking a new method of parenting, as well as small groups and Sunday school classes.

Extreme Tightrope

Extreme Tightrope Author Virginia Loh-Hagan
ISBN-10 9781634705493
Release 2016-01-01
Pages 32
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Extreme Tightrope presents the thrills and spills of this intriguing extreme sport. The carefully written, considerate text will hold the readers' interest and allow for successful mastery and comprehension. Written with a high interest level to appeal to a more mature audience, these books maintain a lower level of complexity with clear visuals to help struggling readers along. A table of contents, glossary with simplified pronunciations, and index all enhance achievement and comprehension.

Walking the Tightrope Without a Grace Net

Walking the Tightrope Without a Grace Net Author Brenda M. Myers
ISBN-10 9781450237635
Release 2010-06
Pages 112
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The Christian life was meant to be danced but not on your tip toes. A tightrope walk was my spiritual life. One missed step meant you were falling into hell if you didn't repent immediately. I was taught that true Christians never sinned, or if they did, they would have to "get saved" all over again. An unreasonable standard of "holiness" and a constant striving of perfection flowed from this belief. Lists of dos and don'ts were in abundance in an effort to practice the "idol of holiness." Are you walking that tightrope? By understanding God's true character through His saving grace on the cross, you can break free from the bondage of legalism and unholy fear, anxiety, and frustration, into a life of gratefulness for God's love, mercy, and grace. You can begin the balancing act of leaving legalism behind and finding true liberty in Christ.

Walking the Tightrope

Walking the Tightrope Author Willy Carl Van den Hoonaard
ISBN-10 0802085237
Release 2002
Pages 218
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Are formal ethics research guidelines congruent with the aims and methodology of inductive and qualitative social research? Using the experiences of 16 Canadian, American, and British researchers, this collection explores answers to the question.


ISBN-10 9780762795949
Release 2013-06-18
Pages 224
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Originating in the climbing world, slacklining is the act of balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing that has been anchored between two stable objects. How to Slackline! covers the short history of slacklining and the sport’s rapid growth since the advent of the Gibbon Trickline, which brought slacklining to enthusiasts outside the climbing community. The book includes detailed methods for building tricklines (low lines used for jumping tricks), longlines (low lines where the goal is to walk as long as possible), and highlines (slacklines rigged high between cliffs using climbing gear). Technique chapters cover the skills needed to practice all types of slacklining. How To Slackline! is the definitive resource on the emerging sport of slacklining, written by Hayley Ashburn, a top expert in the field, and accompanied by Scott Rogers' stunning color photography.

Walking a Tightrope

Walking a Tightrope Author David T. McNab
ISBN-10 9780889204607
Release 2005-03-15
Pages 377
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"Walking a Tightrope plays an important role in the dynamic historical process of ongoing change in the representation of Aboriginal peoples. It locates and examines the multiplicity and distinctiveness of Aboriginal voices and their representations, both as they portray themselves and as others have characterized them. In addition to exploring perspectives and approaches to the representation of Aboriginal peoples, it also looks at Native notions of time (history), land, cultures, identities, and literacies. Until these are understood by non-Aboriginals, Aboriginal people will continue to be misrepresented - both as individuals and as groups."--BOOK JACKET.

On the High Wire

On the High Wire Author Philippe Petit
ISBN-10 UOM:39015010470162
Release 1985
Pages 120
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Discusses the techniques of tightrope walking and portrays how it feels to be a tightrope walker

Walking the Tightrope

Walking the Tightrope Author Vibha Bakshi Gokhale
ISBN-10 1571130160
Release 1996
Pages 119
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Feminist account of the chief writings of Therese Huber, the important 19th-c. German author.

Walking the Tightrope of Reason

Walking the Tightrope of Reason Author Robert Fogelin
ISBN-10 0198036345
Release 2003-07-17
Pages 224
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Human beings are both supremely rational and deeply superstitious, capable of believing just about anything and of questioning just about everything. Indeed, just as our reason demands that we know the truth, our skepticism leads to doubts we can ever really do so. In Walking the Tightrope of Reason, Robert J. Fogelin guides readers through a contradiction that lies at the very heart of philosophical inquiry. Fogelin argues that our rational faculties insist on a purely rational account of the universe, yet at the same time, the inherent limitations of these faculties ensure that we will never fully satisfy that demand. As a result of being driven to this point of paradox, we either comfort ourselves with what Kant called "metaphysical illusions" or adopt a stance of radical skepticism. No middle ground seems possible and, as Fogelin shows, skepticism, even though a healthy dose of it is essential for living a rational life, "has an inherent tendency to become unlimited in its scope, with the result that the edifice of rationality is destroyed." In much Postmodernist thought, for example, skepticism takes the extreme form of absolute relativism, denying the basis for any value distinctions and treating all truth-claims as equally groundless. How reason avoids disgracing itself, walking a fine line between dogmatic belief and self-defeating doubt, is the question Fogelin seeks to answer. Reflecting upon the ancient Greek skeptics as well as such thinkers as Hume, Kant, Wittgenstein, Nietzsche, and Whitman, this book takes readers into--and through--some of philosophy's most troubling paradoxes.