The Political Theory of the American Founding

The Political Theory of the American Founding Author Thomas G. West
ISBN-10 9781107140486
Release 2017-04-03
Pages 465
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This book provides a complete overview of the Founders' natural rights theory and its policy implications.

Natural Rights Individualism and Progressivism in American Political Philosophy Volume 29

Natural Rights Individualism and Progressivism in American Political Philosophy  Volume 29 Author Ellen Frankel Paul
ISBN-10 9781107641945
Release 2012-08-27
Pages 373
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"In 1776, the American Declaration of Independence appealed to "the Laws of nature and of Nature's God" and affirmed "these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness . . . ." In 1935, John Dewey, professor of philosophy at Columbia University, declared, "Natural rights and natural liberties exist only in the kingdom of mythological social zoology." These opposing pronouncements on natural rights represent two separate and antithetical American political traditions: natural rights individualism, the original Lockean tradition of the Founding; and Progressivism, the collectivist reaction to individualism which arose initially in the newly established universities in the decades following the Civil War"--

The American Founding and the Social Compact

The American Founding and the Social Compact Author Ronald J. Pestritto
ISBN-10 0739106651
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 283
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This work emphasizes the coherence and intelligibility of the social compact theory which, in spite of the partisan politics of the founding period, was one of the founders' unifying philosophical positions. It presents a comprehensive overview of the social compact theory.

Natural Rights and the New Republicanism

Natural Rights and the New Republicanism Author Michael P. Zuckert
ISBN-10 1400821525
Release 2011-06-27
Pages 410
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In Natural Rights and the New Republicanism, Michael Zuckert proposes a new view of the political philosophy that lay behind the founding of the United States. In a book that will interest political scientists, historians, and philosophers, Zuckert looks at the Whig or opposition tradition as it developed in England. He argues that there were, in fact, three opposition traditions: Protestant, Grotian, and Lockean. Before the English Civil War the opposition was inspired by the effort to find the "one true Protestant politics--an effort that was seen to be a failure by the end of the Interregnum period. The Restoration saw the emergence of the Whigs, who sought a way to ground politics free from the sectarian theological-scriptural conflicts of the previous period. The Whigs were particularly influenced by the Dutch natural law philosopher Hugo Grotius. However, as Zuckert shows, by the mid-eighteenth century John Locke had replaced Grotius as the philosopher of the Whigs. Zuckert's analysis concludes with a penetrating examination of John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon, the English "Cato," who, he argues, brought together Lockean political philosophy and pre-existing Whig political science into a new and powerful synthesis. Although it has been misleadingly presented as a separate "classical republican" tradition in recent scholarly discussions, it is this "new republicanism" that served as the philosophical point of departure for the founders of the American republic.

The Natural Rights Republic

The Natural Rights Republic Author Michael P. Zuckert
ISBN-10 UOM:39015036077454
Release 1996
Pages 298
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By emphasizing the political philosophy -- as opposed political science -- underlying the founding of the United States, Zuckert breaks new ground in the field of America political science and sends the contemporary debates about redefining America back to their ideological roots.

Natural Rights Liberalism from Locke to Nozick Volume 22

Natural Rights Liberalism from Locke to Nozick  Volume 22 Author Ellen Frankel Paul
ISBN-10 0521615143
Release 2005
Pages 403
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This collection of essays is dedicated to the memory of the late Harvard philosopher Robert Nozick, who died in 2002. The publication of Nozick's Anarchy, State, and Utopia in 1974 revived serious interest in natural rights liberalism, which, beginning in the latter half of the eighteenth century, had been eclipsed by a succession of antithetical political theories including utilitarianism, progressivism, and various egalitarian and collectivist ideologies. Some of our contributors critique Nozick's political philosophy. Other contributors examine earlier figures in the liberal tradition, most notably John Locke, whose Second Treatise of Government, published in the late seventeenth century, profoundly influenced the American founders. The remaining authors analyze natural rights liberalism's central doctrines.

Natural Rights and the Right to Choose

Natural Rights and the Right to Choose Author Hadley Arkes
ISBN-10 0521812186
Release 2002-09-02
Pages 302
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This 2002 book argues that the 'right to abortion' has shifted American politics away from the doctrine of natural rights held by the Founders.

A History of American Political Theories

A History of American Political Theories Author Charles Merriam
ISBN-10 9781351535359
Release 2017-07-12
Pages 392
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A History of American Political Theories is a comprehensive attempt to understand the full sweep of American political thought since the founding. Working within the liberal-progressive tradition, Merriam reviewed American political history in its entirety, from the founding down to his own day. He was not out to reduce political thought to a single element such as economics alone; his aim was to encompass the whole of modern social science. The political science of the liberal-progressive tradition has roots and assumptions that were born in this period and nurtured by scholars such as Merriam. The progressive tradition in general and Merriam in particular interpreted the rise of a new science of politics that would be required for the liberal-progressive world view he represented. His work stands at a momentous fork in the road; two great traditions of how American democracy should be understood, interpreted, and analyzed parted company and afterward each went their separate ways. These traditions are represented, respectively, by the founders and the liberal-progressives. There was much at stake in these academic debates, though the consequences were not entirely foreseen at the time. An overview of the authors, works, and general source material covered in History of American Political Theories is impressive. Merriam viewed the study of American democracy as an eclectic activity embracing the broadest definition of the social sciences, with particular emphasis on psychology. Such a transformation required that the social sciences be grouped as a whole rather than fragmented into separate and distinct academic departments.

The Nature of Rights at the American Founding and Beyond

The Nature of Rights at the American Founding and Beyond Author Barry Alan Shain
ISBN-10 0813926661
Release 2007
Pages 337
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Americans have been claiming and defending rights since long before the nation achieved independence. But few Americans recognize how profoundly the nature of rights has changed over the past three hundred years. In The Nature of Rights at the American Founding and Beyond, Barry Alan Shain gathers together essays by some of the leading scholars in American constitutional law and history to examine the nature of rights claims in eighteenth-century America and how they differed, if at all, from today’s understandings. Was America at its founding predominantly individualistic or, in some important way, communal? Similarly, which understanding of rights was of greater centrality: the historical "rights of Englishmen" or abstract natural rights? And who enjoyed these rights, however understood? Everyone? Or only economically privileged and militarily responsible male heads of households? The contributors also consider how such concepts of rights have continued to shape and reshape the American experience of political liberty to this day. Beginning with the arresting transformation in the grounding of rights prompted by the American War of Independence, the volume moves through what the contributors describe as the "Founders’ Bill of Rights" to the "second" Bill of Rights that coincided with the Civil War, and ends with the language of rights erupting from the horrors of the Second World War and its aftermath in the Cold War. By asking what kind of nation the founding generation left us, or intended to leave us, the contributors are then able to compare that nation to the nation we have become. Most, if not all, of the essays demonstrate that the nature of rights in America has been anything but constant, and that the rights defended in the late eighteenth century stand at some distance from those celebrated today. Contributors:Akhil Reed Amar, Yale University * James H. Hutson, Library of Congress * Stephen Macedo, Princeton University * Richard Primus, University of Michigan * Jack N. Rakove, Stanford University * John Phillip Reid, New York University * Daniel T. Rodgers, Princeton University * A. Gregg Roeber, Pennsylvania State University * Barry Alan Shain, Colgate University * Rogers M. Smith, University of Pennsylvania * Leif Wenar, University of Sheffield * Gordon S. Wood, Brown University

The Progressive Revolution in Politics and Political Science

The Progressive Revolution in Politics and Political Science Author John A. Marini
ISBN-10 0742549747
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 388
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The Progressive Revolution in Politics and Political Science explores the scope, ambition, and effect of the Progressive revolution of a century ago, which relegated the theory and practice of the Founders to an antiquated historical phase. By contrast, our contributors see beyond the horizon of Progressivism to take account of the Founders' moral and political premises and illuminate its effects on our political science and political practice today. It is a study in political philosophy, intellectual history, and current political understanding.

Liberty State Union

Liberty  State   Union Author Luigi Marco Bassani
ISBN-10 9780881461862
Release 2010
Pages 277
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Thomas Jefferson--author of the Declaration of Independence, diplomat and president of the United States--is the most widely studied and genuinely representative Founding Father of his age. Bassani surveys Jefferson's views on the rights of man and state's rights — the core of all his political ideas. After careful examination of his political theory, Jefferson is recognized as a champion of limited government, natural rights and antagonism of the states towards interference by federal powers.

History of American Political Thought

History of American Political Thought Author Bryan-Paul Frost
ISBN-10 0739106244
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 834
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This book is a collection of secondary essays on America's most important philosophic thinkers—statesmen, judges, writers, educators, and activists—from the colonial period to the present. Each essay is a comprehensive introduction to the thought of a noted American on the fundamental meaning of the American regime.

To Secure These Rights

To Secure These Rights Author Scott Douglas Gerber
ISBN-10 9780814730898
Release 1996-09-01
Pages 330
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To Secure These Rights enters the fascinating--and often contentious--debate over constitutional interpretation. Scott Douglas Gerber here argues that the Constitution of the United States should be interpreted in light of the natural rights political philosophy of the Declaration of Independence and that the Supreme Court is the institution of American government that should be primarily responsible for identifying and applying that philosophy in American life. Importantly, the theory advanced in this book--what Gerber calls liberal originalism--is neither consistently liberal nor consistently conservative in the modern conception of those terms. Rather, the theory is liberal in the classic sense of viewing the basic purpose of government to be safeguarding the natural rights of individuals. As Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men. In essence, Gerber maintains that the Declaration articulates the philosophical ends of our nation and that the Constitution embodies the means to effectuate those ends. Gerber's analysis reveals that the Constitution cannot be properly understood without recourse to history, political philosophy, and law.

Modern America and the Legacy of the Founding

Modern America and the Legacy of the Founding Author Ronald J. Pestritto
ISBN-10 0739114174
Release 2007
Pages 339
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The authors of this book address how the fundamental tensions between modern liberalism and the ideas of the founders have played out in the context of contemporary thought and practice in American politics.

A Culture of Rights

A Culture of Rights Author Michael James Lacey
ISBN-10 0521446538
Release 1992-11-27
Pages 474
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New insights into the rights thinking and consciousness at the core of American political culture.

Betrachtungen uber die franzosische revolution

Betrachtungen uber die franzosische revolution Author Edmund Burke
ISBN-10 BSB:BSB10619123
Release 1838
Pages 389
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Betrachtungen uber die franzosische revolution has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Betrachtungen uber die franzosische revolution also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Betrachtungen uber die franzosische revolution book for free.


Leviathan Author Thomas Hobbes
ISBN-10 378731699X
Release 1996
Pages 674
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Vom "Leviathan", einem der bedeutendsten theoretischen Werke über die Ursprünge und Grundlagen der Idee des Staates und der bürgerlichen Gesellschaft, liegt nun erstmalig eine deutschsprachige Ausgabe vor, die den Text der englischen Erstausgabe von 1651 vollständig und nach den allgemein anerkannten philologischen Kriterien textgetreu darbietet. Die Ausgabe enthält die umfangreichen Marginalien der Erstausgabe und ist quellenkritisch kommentiert. Mit einer Einführung, Chronologie, Literaturverzeichnis, Register und umfangreiche Anmerkungen.