The Jung Cult

The Jung Cult Author Richard Noll
ISBN-10 9780684834238
Release 1997-06-05
Pages 387
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A reassessment of Jung's thought analyzes the sources of his philosophies and personal religions, uncovering influences of German, pagan, and prehistoric descent

Cult Fictions

Cult Fictions Author Sonu Shamdasani
ISBN-10 9781134664610
Release 2003-09-02
Pages 144
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Controversial claims that C.G. Jung, founder of analytical psychology, was a charlatan and a self-appointed demi-god have recently brought his legacy under renewed scrutiny. The basis of the attack on Jung is a previously unknown text, said to be Jung's inaugural address at the founding of his 'cult', otherwise known as the Psychological Club, in Zurich in 1916. It is claimed that this cult is alive and well in Jungian psychology as it is practised today, in a movement which continues to masquerade as a genuine professional discipline, whilst selling false dreams of spiritual redemption. In Cult Fictions, leading Jung scholar Sonu Shamdasani looks into the evidence for such claims and draws on previously unpublished documents to show that they are fallacious. This accurate and revealing account of the history of the Jungian movement, from the founding of the Psychological Club to the reformulation of Jung's approach by his followers, establishes a fresh agenda for the historical evaluation of analytical psychology today.

Ayn Rand Cult

Ayn Rand Cult Author Jeff Walker
ISBN-10 9780812698190
Release 2012-03-30
Pages 350
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Despised by the intellectual establishment, Ayn Rand continues to attract many thousands of devoted followers. Her "Objectivist" movement preaches an uncompromising hard line on politics, art, sex, and psychological health. Though much has been written about Rand, The Ayn Rand Cult is the first book to explain the true origin of her ideas and to show how they were shaped into a new, atheistic religion. Jeff Walker shatters many myths about Rand, exposing Objectivism as a classic cult, unusual because of its overt emphasis on self-interest, rationality, and atheism, but typical of cults in its guru-worship, thought control, trial and excommunication of deviants, and hostility to existing society.

Visions of the Night

Visions of the Night Author Kelly Bulkeley
ISBN-10 0791442837
Release 1999-09-16
Pages 217
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This wide-ranging exploration of the spiritual and scientific dimensions of dreaming offers new connections between the ancient wisdom of the world's religious traditions, which have always taught that dreams reveal divine truths, and the recent findings of modern psychological research. Drawing upon philosophy, anthropology, sociology, neurology, literature, and film criticism, the book offers a better understanding of the mysterious complexity and startling creative powers of human dreaming experience. For those interested in gaining new perspectives on dreaming, the powers of the imagination, and the newest frontiers in the dialogue between religion and science, Visions of the Night promises to be a welcome resource.

Major issues in the life and work of C G Jung

Major issues in the life and work of C G  Jung Author William J. Schoenl
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106014415720
Release 1996-09
Pages 94
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Major issues in the life and work of C G Jung has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Major issues in the life and work of C G Jung also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Major issues in the life and work of C G Jung book for free.

Carl Gustav Jung

Carl Gustav Jung Author J. Sherry
ISBN-10 9780230113909
Release 2010-10-25
Pages 269
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Carl Gustav Jung has always been a popular but never a fashionable thinker. His ground-breaking theories about dream interpretation and psychological types have often been overshadowed by allegations that he was anti-Semitic and a Nazi sympathizer. Most accounts have unfortunately been marred by factual errors and quotes taken out of context; this has been due to the often partisan sympathies of those who have written about him. This book provides a more accurate and comprehensive account of Jung's controversial opinions about art, politics, and race.

How To Read Jung

How To Read Jung Author David Tacey
ISBN-10 9781783782277
Release 2015-04-02
Pages 128
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Jung was the original anti-psychiatrist, who believed that the real patient was not the suffering individual, but a sick and ailing Western civilization. He was not interested in developing a narrow therapy that would help fit the individual into an untransformed society. His true aim, in all of his work, was a therapy of the West. David Tacey introduces the reader to Jung's unique style and approach, which is at once scientific and prophetic. Through a series of close readings of Jung's works, he explores the radical themes at the core of Jung's psychology, and interprets for us the dynamic vision of the whole self that inspires and motivates his work. Extracts are taken from Jung's autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, and from his collected works, including Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious and Civilization in Transition.

Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015077174574
Release 1994
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Lingua Franca has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lingua Franca also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lingua Franca book for free.

The Innermost Kernel

The Innermost Kernel Author Suzanne Gieser
ISBN-10 3540208569
Release 2005-02-14
Pages 378
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The publication of W. Pauli's Scientific Correspondence has motivated a vast research activity on Pauli's role in modern science. This treatise sheds light on the ongoing dialogue between physics and psychology.


Du Author
ISBN-10 NWU:35556026817478
Release 1996
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Du has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Du also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Du book for free.

Black Sun

Black Sun Author Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke
ISBN-10 9780814732373
Release 2001-08-01
Pages 371
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More than half a century after the defeat of Nazism and fascism, the far right is again challenging the liberal order of Western democracies. Radical movements are feeding on anxiety about economic globalization, affirmative action, and third-world immigration, flashpoint issues to many traditional groups in multicultural societies. A curious mixture of Aristocratic paganism, anti-Semitic demonology, Eastern philosophies and the occult is influencing populist antigovernment sentiment and helping to exploit the widespread fear that invisible elites are shaping world events. Black Sun examines the new neofascist ideology, showing how hate groups, militias and conspiracy cults attempt to gain influence. Based on interviews and extensive research into underground groups, Black Sun documents the new Nazi and fascist sects that have sprung up from the 1970s through the 1990s and examines the mentality and motivation of these far-right extremists. The result is a detailed, grounded portrait of the mythical and devotional aspects of Hitler cults among Aryan mystics, racist skinheads and Nazi satanists, Heavy Metal music fans, and in occult literature. Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke offers a unique perspective on far right neo-Nazism viewing it as a new form of Western religious heresy. He paints a frightening picture of a religion with its own relics, rituals, prophecies and an international sectarian following that could, under the proper conditions, gain political power and attempt to realize its dangerous millenarian fantasies.

The Cult of the Black Virgin

The Cult of the Black Virgin Author Ean Begg
ISBN-10 9781630514419
Release 2017-01-01
Pages 195
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The Cult of the Black Virgin has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Cult of the Black Virgin also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Cult of the Black Virgin book for free.

Terrible Beauty A Cultural History of the Twentieth Century

Terrible Beauty  A Cultural History of the Twentieth Century Author Peter Watson
ISBN-10 9781780226736
Release 2013-10-17
Pages 848
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A history of the twentieth century which covers all the ideas, people, great events, literary and artistic movements, scientific discoveries which have shaped the twentieth century. Terrible Beauty presents a unique narrative of the twentieth century. Unlike more conventional histories, where the focus is on political events and personalities, on wars, treaties and elections, this book concentrates on the ideas that made the century so rich, rewarding and provocative. Beginning with four seminal ideas which were introduced in 1900 - the unconscious, the gene, the quantum and Picasso's first paintings in Paris - the book brings together the main areas of thought and juxtaposes the most original and influential ideas of our time in an immensely readable narrative. From the creation of plastic to Norman Mailer, from the discovery of the 'Big Bang' to the Counterculture, from Relativity to Susan Sontag, from Proust to Salman Rushdie, and Henri Bergson to Saul Bellow, the book's range is encyclopedic. We meet in these pages the other twentieth century, the writers, the artists, the scientists and philosophers who were not cowed by the political and military disasters raging around them, and produced some of the most amazing and rewarding ideas by which we live. Terrible Beauty, endlessly stimulating and provocative, affirms that there was much more to the twentieth century than war and genocide.

The Quest for the Phoenix

The Quest for the Phoenix Author Hereward Tilton
ISBN-10 3110176378
Release 2003
Pages 322
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The author presents with this intellectual biography of the Lutheran alchemist Count Michael Maier an academic study of western esotericism in general and to the study of alchemy and rosicrucianism in particular. The author charts the development of Maier's Hermetic worldview in the context of his service at the courts of Emperor Rudolf II and Moritz of Hessen-Kassel. The problem of the nature of early Rosicrucianism is addressed in detail with reference to Maier's role in the promotion of this "serious jest" in the years immediately prior to the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War. The work is set in the context of ongoing debates concerning the nature of early modern alchemy and its role in the history of Western esotericism.

Magill s Encyclopedia of Social Science Ability tests

Magill s Encyclopedia of Social Science  Ability tests Author Nancy A. Piotrowski
ISBN-10 1587651319
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 1810
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"A comprehensive introduction to psychology, this work will find a home in a broad range of library collections. Each topical entry includes notes on the type of psychology and field of study covered, a list of key concepts related to the essay, and an annotated list of sources for further study. Entries on mental disorders include sidebars with the characteristic criteria for that diagnosis. High school students, undergraduates, and others will find a wealth of information in this useful set."--"The Top 20 Reference Titles of the Year," American Libraries, May 2004.

Jung the Mystic

Jung the Mystic Author Gary Lachman
ISBN-10 9781101188293
Release 2010-06-24
Pages 272
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This bold, compact new biography of Carl Jung fills a gap in our understanding of the pioneering psychiatrist by focusing on the occult and mystical dimension of Jung's life and work, a critical but frequently misunderstood facet of his career. Although he is often called the "founding father of the New Age," Carl Jung, the legendary Swiss psychiatrist best known for his groundbreaking concepts like the collective unconscious, archetype theory, and synchronicity, often took pains to avoid any explicit association with mysticism or the occult. Yet Jung lived a life rich in paranormal experiences-arguing for the existence of poltergeists in a debate with Sigmund Freud, participating in séances, incorporating astrology into his therapeutic work, reporting a near death experience, and collaborating with the pioneering ESP researcher J. B. Rhine. It is these critical experiences-often fleetingly touched on in other biographies or critical studies, and just as frequently used to make a case against Jung and his philosophies-that form the core of this exciting new biography, Jung the Mystic. While Jung's ghostwritten memoirs, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, touch on the role his mystical and occult experiences played in his life, Gary Lachman's Jung the Mystic completes the circle: Lachman assesses Jung's life and work from the viewpoint of Western esoteric tradition and helpfully places Jung in the context of other major esoteric thinkers, such as Rudolf Steiner, G. I. Gurdjieff, and Emanuel Swedenborg. In that respect, this new biography appeals directly to the sensibility of spiritual readers who rightly see Jung as a pioneer of today's contemporary metaphysical culture.

C G Jung and the Psychology of Symbolic Forms

C G  Jung and the Psychology of Symbolic Forms Author Petteri Pietikäinen
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105020984626
Release 1999
Pages 378
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C G Jung and the Psychology of Symbolic Forms has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from C G Jung and the Psychology of Symbolic Forms also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full C G Jung and the Psychology of Symbolic Forms book for free.