Gender war gender peace

Gender war  gender peace Author Aaron R. Kipnis
ISBN-10 UOM:39015026853120
Release 1994
Pages 300
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A leading voice from the men's movement and a trailblazer for a new, empowering feminism for women within heterosexual relationships join forces to map the future peace between the sexes, a future in which women and men can both recognize and respect personal and gender-fixed identity.

The Gender War

The Gender War Author Bella Forrest
ISBN-10 1541294599
Release 2017-02-05
Pages 414
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"For the sake of Viggo, my brother, my family in Patrus, and every single citizen of our God-forsaken nations, I had to stop the war." Continue Violet and Viggo's journey in the ELECTRIFYING fourth book of The Gender Game series! Buy now.

The Gender War

The Gender War Author James Bauer
ISBN-10 9781450230209
Release 2010-05
Pages 624
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Linda Collingswood, FBI, accepts reassignment from Hartford to Richmond. On her way south, she visits Gettysburg where she finds John Mason, and they fall in love. The novel chronicles Linda's daily fight against crime and her struggle with her co-workers while the Bureau's bureaucracy slowly settles on her shoulders. Having a low day, Linda visits a park to reflect on her life and meets Jenny. Jennifer is (or was) a witch but not a Harry Potter witch. At Linda's home, Linda and John invite Jenny to stay, and she becomes John's second wife. Linda finds her love fluctuating between Jenny and John. Even though John explains how a change in ones sexual orientation can happen to anyone, it doesn't help Linda. Neither Jenny nor John has a problem with the new arrangement. Both wives become pregnant and look forward to having children. As the days pass, the wives learn that John planted new ideas during his previous travels. John built a computer, and he used it to build a health machine to help women permanently lose weight. These community health centers spread across the country. There is now a Community of Women (COW) which is growing in power and scope. Jenny becomes Queen of the witches, and her sister witches begin to help Linda and the COW. John's philosophy influences the three groups: wives, women, and witches. Other characters enter the story and enable John to explain his views on various subjects based on his Theory of Everything. For example, our physical universe is a school and its purpose is to teach us how to reason logically.

Gender War and Militarism

Gender  War  and Militarism Author Laura Sjoberg
ISBN-10 9780313391439
Release 2010
Pages 282
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This compelling, interdisciplinary compilation of essays documents the extensive, intersubjective relationships between gender, war, and militarism in 21st-century global politics. * 17 essays by top feminist scholars from across disciplines * An introduction and conclusion explaining the book's theoretical framework and key insights * Tables and charts * A bibliography

Gender War and Politics

Gender  War and Politics Author K. Hagemann
ISBN-10 9780230283046
Release 2010-09-08
Pages 374
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This volume addresses war, developing political and national identities and the changing gender regimes of Europe and the Americas between 1775 and 1830. Military and civilian experiences of war and revolution, in free and slave societies, both reflected and shaped gender concepts and practices, in relation to class, ethnicity, race and religion.

Gender War and Conflict

Gender  War  and Conflict Author Laura Sjoberg
ISBN-10 9780745684673
Release 2014-07-17
Pages 240
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From Pakistan to Chechnya, Sri Lanka to Canada, pioneering women are taking their places in formal and informal military structures previously reserved for, and assumed appropriate only for men. Women have fought in wars, either as women or covertly dressed as men, throughout the history of warfare, but only recently have they been allowed to join state militaries, insurgent groups, and terrorist organizations in unprecedented numbers. This begs the question - how useful are traditional gendered categories in understanding the dynamics of war and conflict? And why are our stories of gender roles in war typically so narrow? Who benefits from them? In this illuminating book, Laura Sjoberg explores how gender matters in war-making and war-fighting today. Drawing on a rich range of examples from conflicts around the world, she shows that both women and men play many more diverse roles in wars than either media or scholarly accounts convey. Gender, she argues, can be found at every turn in the practice of war; it is crucial to understanding not only ‘what war is’, but equally how it is caused, fought and experienced. With end of chapter questions for discussion and guides to further reading, this book provides the perfect introduction for students keen to understand the multi-faceted role of gender in warfare. Gender, War and Conflict will challenge and change the way we think about war and conflict in the modern world.

The Gender War

The Gender War Author Arthur Carey
ISBN-10 0615422829
Release 2011-03
Pages 396
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How did I get suckered into a crazy contest to determine which sex is superior? groans Jack Kileen. But Kileen, a San Francisco writer, and Dr. Laura Sanders, a feminist professor from Florida, are tricked into doing just that when they appear on a TV talk show and argue heatedly about male and female roles. The show's conniving hostess, Mari O'Reilly, sees the contest as the opportunity to pump up her sagging TV ratings while guaranteeing the winner will be female. A panel dreams up a series of tests based on ideas that flood in from the public. Soon a "Challenge of the Sexes" with a prize of $1 million is under way. As the competition between Jack and Laura seesaws, the odds change in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, a writer for a sleazy tabloid magazine infiltrates one of Laura's classes and fabricates a sensationalistic story that threatens to get her fired. Jack faces the problem of a growing attraction to the woman monitoring his contest efforts. The "Challenge of the Sexes" reaches a climax in a kayak race on a storm-tossed river in Costa Rica, where a hungry crocodile awaits dinner.

The Routledge History of Gender War and the U S Military

The Routledge History of Gender  War  and the U S  Military Author Kara D. Vuic
ISBN-10 9781317449089
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 364
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The Routledge History of Gender, War, and the U.S. Military is the first examination of the interdisciplinary, intersecting fields of gender studies and the history of the United States military. In twenty-one original essays, the contributors tackle themes including gendering the "other," gender and war disability, gender and sexual violence, gender and American foreign relations, and veterans and soldiers in the public imagination, and lay out a chronological examination of gender and America’s wars from the American Revolution to Iraq. This important collection is essential reading for all those interested in how the military has influenced America's views and experiences of gender.

The Gender War

The Gender War Author Mark Kailing
ISBN-10 1530313414
Release 2016-02-29
Pages 44
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Imagine you are sitting in a small lecture room listening to profound ideas about human nature and how to effectively strengthen every area of your life. These deep topics are taught in an environment of love and concern for you. They are explained so simply that you are able to come to your own conclusion about each subject quickly. That is what the Self Mastery Lecture Series is. This book is one of several from the Self Mastery Lecture Series, transcribed from recordings taken in 2011. Mark Kailing battled cancer during that time, but continued his weekly lectures. Dr. Kailing was a Psychologist for 16 years serving clients inCalifornia, Nevada and Utah. He loved to teach. During his education a professor taught him, "You don't truly understand something until you can explain it simply". This led Mark to develop simplified theories on life, personality, the universe, truth, core fears and more. His ability to make the profound simple is what made him a great teacher and leader. Dr. Kailing lectured to thousands of students and clients over the years. His self-mastery lecture series was one of his greatest accomplishments. He always lectured with a big smile on his face and spark in his eye. He was inspired by those who also desired to grow and improve in life. Dr. Kailing passed away on May 21, 2013 after battling cancer for three and a half years. His example and influence have been felt by countless family, friends, clients, and colleagues. At the time of his death, he and LaDena had been married for 21 years and were raising their five children, Andrew (16), Aubrielle (15), Ammoriah (12), Ava (8) and Amari (4) in a home filled with adventures and love.

On the Frontlines

On the Frontlines Author Fionnuala N? Aol?in
ISBN-10 9780199339679
Release 2011-11-16
Pages 376
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Gender oppression has been a feature of war and conflict throughout human history, yet until fairly recently, little attention was devoted to addressing the consequences of violence and discrimination experienced by women in post-conflict states. Thankfully, that is changing. Today, in a variety of post-conflict settings--the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Colombia, Northern Ireland --international advocates for women's rights have focused bringing issues of sexual violence, discrimination and exclusion into peace-making processes. In On the Frontlines, Fionnuala N? Aol?in, Dina Francesca Haynes, and Naomi Cahn consider such policies in a range of cases and assess the extent to which they have had success in improving women's lives. They argue that there has been too little success, and that this is in part a product of a focus on schematic policies like straightforward political incorporation rather than a broader and deeper attempt to alter the cultures and societies that are at the root of much of the violence and exclusions experienced by women. They contend that this broader approach would not just benefit women, however. Gender mainstreaming and increased gender equality has a direct correlation with state stability and functions to preclude further conflict. If we are to have any success in stabilizing failing states, gender needs to move to fore of our efforts. With this in mind, they examine the efforts of transnational organizations, states and civil society in multiple jurisdictions to place gender at the forefront of all post-conflict processes. They offer concrete analysis and practical solutions to ensuring gender centrality in all aspects of peace making and peace enforcement.

Women vs Feminism

Women vs Feminism Author Joanna Williams
ISBN-10 9781787144750
Release 2017-10-10
Pages 336
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Statistics tell us there has never been a better time to be a woman but feminists are quick to point out that women are still victims of everyday sexism. This title explores what life is like for women today. It’s time to ditch a feminism that appears remote from the concerns of most women and, worse, pitches men and women against each other.

Battles in the Gender War

Battles in the Gender War Author Sandra Bickford
ISBN-10 OCLC:456609195
Release 1997
Pages 172
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Battles in the Gender War has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Battles in the Gender War also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Battles in the Gender War book for free.

Sun Tzu and the Art of the Gender War

Sun Tzu and the Art of the Gender War Author Michael Bakunin
ISBN-10 1920884238
Release 2004-04-01
Pages 350
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Deals with political, legal and cultural issues of feminism in contemporary Australia .

Healing the Gender Wars

Healing the Gender Wars Author Samuel Slipp
ISBN-10 1568217730
Release 1996
Pages 230
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The average man's transition into a new world of equal opportunity and rights for women has not been easy. In the modern family, women expect to be an equal partner. They feel justified in expressing desires and expecting satisfaction of sexual and emotional needs. Many men feel conflict about sharing responsibilities with their partners, and may be frightened by women's assertiveness and more open sexuality. They may feel like wimps if they respond to their partner's desires. A kind of gender war often develops, in which neither partner feels listened to or responded to. With many useful examples, and using modern object relations theory as a guide, Sam Slipp shows how individual and couples therapy can help heal these gender wars and lead to happier lives both for men and for the women they love.

Beyond the gender Wars

Beyond the  gender Wars Author
ISBN-10 1879922274
Release 2001
Pages 58
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In September 2000, a symposium was convened by the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation to foster a discussion among scholars who study both girls' and boys' experiences in and out of school. Participants shared their insights about gender identity and difference, challenged popular views of girls' and boys' behavior, and explored the meaning of equitable education for the 21st century. Among the participants were Susan McGee Bailey, Patricia B. Campbell, Beatriz Chu Clewell, James Garbarino, Patricia Hersch, Michael S. Kimmel, Lynn Phillips, William S. Pollack, and Barrie Thorne. This report summarizes the key insights from the symposium and includes the following chapters: (1) "Which Girls? Which Boys? Putting Gender Identity in Context"; (2) "What Is Success? Defining an Equitable and Effective Education for Girls and Boys"; (3) "What If There Were a Gender War and No One Showed Up? Reframing the Issues"; and (4) "What Are the Priorities? Setting an Agenda for the Future." (Includes 17 endnotes.) (BT)

Communicating Gender Diversity

Communicating Gender Diversity Author Victoria Leto DeFrancisco
ISBN-10 9781412925594
Release 2007-06-21
Pages 325
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The purpose behind Communicating Gender Diversity: A Critical Approach is not to provide any final conclusions about communicating gender. Because gender is a constantly evolving concept, both in terms of individuals' gender identity development and the larger cultureÆs predominant notions of gender, such absolute claims are not possible. Instead, the intent is to better equip readers with tools with which they can examine, and make sense of, the intersections of communication and gender. The text covers the variety of ways in which communication of and about gender and sex enables and constrains people's intersectional identities. The authors believe people are social actors and, as such, create meaning through their symbolic interactions. Thus, the book's emphasis is not on how gender influences communication, but on how communication constitutes gender. They also believe that people are capable of being self-reflective about communication processes, and creative in generating new ways to play with symbols.

Gender war

Gender war Author Matin Yaqzan
ISBN-10 IND:30000076279789
Release 1999
Pages 311
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Gender war has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Gender war also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Gender war book for free.