The Connected School

The Connected School Author Barbara Means
ISBN-10 UOM:39015053040229
Release 2001-10-08
Pages 272
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Take an intimate look at six technology-using high schools and gain useful insight regarding how computer and Internet technology can best support teaching and learning. The Connected School offers school administrators, leaders, and teachers a behind-the-scenes look at what happens when a school becomes "connected," not just in terms of computers and networking but in terms of teacher collaboration and support as well. Based on the real life experiences of six "connected" schools, the authors make a compelling case for the appropriate use of technology and show how it can greatly enhance students' learning experiences and further their educational goals, even in challenging urban settings.

The Connected Father

The Connected Father Author Carl E. Pickhardt, Ph.D.
ISBN-10 0230604412
Release 2007-05-15
Pages 240
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Parenting Expert Carl Pickhardt Shows How the Bonds Between Fathers and Teens Can Be Strengthened Many fathers feel unprepared for their child's adolescence, in their denial, often times preferring to believe that it will only happen to other people's children. In this sensitive and forthright book, Carl Pickhardt stresses that fathers need to become informed about changes and challenges that normally unfold. Helping caring fathers navigate the four crucial and often perplexing stages of adolescence, The Connected Father describes: * how fathers can learn to be better listeners * why they have trouble communicating and what to do about it * different emotional changes between mid- and late-adolescence * how to encourage independence while setting limits * how fathers can talk to teens about drugs, sex, the internet, relationships, and more

America s Moment Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age

America s Moment  Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age Author Rework America
ISBN-10 9780393285147
Release 2015-06-15
Pages 288
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It is time for a new conversation. Amid the biggest economic transformation in a century, the challenge of our time is to make sure that all Americans benefit from the wave of digital revolutions around the world that have permeated and upended modern life. Yet today's economic arguments seem stuck. We need a new vision of a hopeful future and a new action agenda. So many Americans are uncertain about the future. How can there be so many paths to opportunity with so few people traveling them? As a nation, we have to understand what is required to help Americans succeed now, and how to prepare our country for what comes next. We have been here before. A hundred years ago, America experienced the greatest economic transformation and technological revolution in its history. The transformation of the past twenty years—as the world has moved through the information era into the digital age—has turned our life and work upside down once again. It is a time of tremendous change but also of tremendous possibility. Rework America is a group of American leaders who know from experience the challenges we face—and the potential solutions. In America's Moment they suggest a practical agenda for an exciting future. It is illustrated by people who are already showing the way and includes actions Americans can take today in their own communities: preparing people to succeed, using the reach of the Internet and data to innovate jobs and to reach new markets all over the world, using technology to match employers and workers, and transitioning to a "no-collar" working world— neither blue collar nor white collar. Set against the history of how Americans succeeded once before in remaking their country, America's Moment is about the future. It describes how the same forces of change—technology and a networked world—can become tools that can open opportunity to everyone.

North Carolina beyond the Connected Age

North Carolina beyond the Connected Age Author Michael L. Walden
ISBN-10 9781469635736
Release 2017-08-31
Pages 200
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For years, North Carolina has been one of the nation's fastest-growing states, bringing tremendous change to the state's people, industries, jobs, places, environment, and government. Much of this change resulted from the information and technology revolution, which connected the state more fully to the country and the world. But we are now moving beyond the connected age, argues Michael L. Walden, to a new era of living, production, and work, and North Carolina faces not only unanswered questions about the past but also new challenges and opportunities visible on the horizon. What will these new transformations mean for the state's people, places, and prosperity? In this book, Walden lays out these looming economic issues and offers predictions of future trends as well as multiple policy options for taxation, infrastructure, and environmental issues. While the future cannot be perfectly predicted, Walden's expert analysis is mandatory reading for policy makers, business leaders, and everyday people seeking to prepare for upcoming changes in North Carolina's economy.

A Connected School

A Connected School Author E. Perry Good
ISBN-10 0944337457
Release 2014-06-20
Pages 202
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A Connected School shows you how to create a school climate that fosters achievement, claring, and safety for students, school staff, and the community. This book uses Perceptual Control Theory to help educators interact with students in ways that facilitate students' internal motivation. IN A Connected School we understand that we all behave to maintain our internal sense of dynamic balance and that learning is a natural part of this process. We increase achievement by connecting to others, creating a safe and caring environment, and by teaching in ways that foster students' innate desire to learn. The role of A Connected School educator is to help students understand how they can become "disciplined within" and create opportunities to do this in a noncoercive setting.

Breaking Out of Isolation

Breaking Out of Isolation Author Spike C. Cook
ISBN-10 9781483392448
Release 2015-08-27
Pages 80
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Fresh ideas to help you meet the challenges of innovative leadership! Overcome the hurdles of being a school leader and stay ahead with this helpful guide to battling isolation and getting connected. Through powerful vignettes and strategies, you’ll discover how innovation-minded school leaders connect to avoid isolation, lower stress, find support, and share ideas. Grow your professional practice and learn to: Jumpstart and sustain your Professional Learning Network Strategically and meaningfully connect with colleagues and staff Overcome isolation for lasting impact Includes tips for Twitter, Google Hangouts, Pinterest and more. Get real-world solutions with this easy-to-follow roadmap to transformational change!

Transnational Radicalism and the Connected Lives of Tom Mann and Robert Samuel Ross

Transnational Radicalism and the Connected Lives of Tom Mann and Robert Samuel Ross Author Neville Kirk
ISBN-10 9781786940094
Release 2017-01-25
Pages 304
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This is an original study of the connected lives of two important socialists, Tom Mann (1856-1941) and Robert Samuel 'Bob' Ross (1873-1931). Born in Britain, Mann travelled the globe as a tireless socialist organiser and propagandist who met Ross in the course of his political work in Australia. They then worked closely together as labour editors, educators, trade unionists and socialists in Australia and New Zealand between 1902 and 1913. Thereafter, they continued regularly to correspond with one another and other socialists in Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the Pacific Rim. Based upon extensive research into neglected primary and secondary sources in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and related places, this book explores the careers and lives of Mann and Ross as paired transnational radicals, as leaders who crossed national and other boundaries in order to promote their socialism. It situates them within the neglected English-speaking and even global radical worlds of the later nineteenth- and early twentieth-centuries, a period that constituted an early phase of globalisation. Breaking new ground in moving beyond the national focus which has dominated much of the relevant history, this book highlights both the importance of Mann's and Ross's transnational endeavours, attachments and identities and the ways in which these interacted with their national, sub-national and international spheres of activity, striking a chord with a wide variety of radicals seeking change in today's globalised world.

The Connected City

The Connected City Author Zachary P. Neal
ISBN-10 9781136236662
Release 2012-08-06
Pages 272
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The Connected City explores how thinking about networks helps make sense of modern cities: what they are, how they work, and where they are headed. Cities and urban life can be examined as networks, and these urban networks can be examined at many different levels. The book focuses on three levels of urban networks: micro, meso, and macro. These levels build upon one another, and require distinctive analytical approaches that make it possible to consider different types of questions. At one extreme, micro-urban networks focus on the networks that exist within cities, like the social relationships among neighbors that generate a sense of community and belonging. At the opposite extreme, macro-urban networks focus on networks between cities, like the web of nonstop airline flights that make face-to-face business meetings possible. This book contains three major sections organized by the level of analysis and scale of network. Throughout these sections, when a new methodological concept is introduced, a separate ‘method note’ provides a brief and accessible introduction to the practical issues of using networks in research. What makes this book unique is that it synthesizes the insights and tools of the multiple scales of urban networks, and integrates the theory and method of network analysis.


ISBN-10 OXFORD:555026585
Release 1870
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CHRISTIAN WORK OR THE NEWS OF THE CHURCHES has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from CHRISTIAN WORK OR THE NEWS OF THE CHURCHES also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full CHRISTIAN WORK OR THE NEWS OF THE CHURCHES book for free.

Empowered Schools Empowered Students

Empowered Schools  Empowered Students Author Pernille Ripp
ISBN-10 9781483371856
Release 2014-09-12
Pages 80
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Open up a new world of learning and engage students with these powerful ideas! This book helps you empower teachers and students to regain control of their own teaching and learning journey. With this helpful guide, cultivate enthusiasm for learning by changing the power dynamic and putting the reins back into the hands of students. Administrators and teachers learn to: Cultivate the experts at your school Create an environment of trust and collaboration Give students and staff a voice Includes real-life stories from other connected educators! Transform the learning experience and create lasting change with this breakthrough volume of the Connected Educators Series!

Threat assessment in schools a guide to managing threatening situations and to creating safe school climates

Threat assessment in schools   a guide to managing threatening situations and to creating safe school climates Author
ISBN-10 9781428925977
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Threat assessment in schools a guide to managing threatening situations and to creating safe school climates has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Threat assessment in schools a guide to managing threatening situations and to creating safe school climates also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Threat assessment in schools a guide to managing threatening situations and to creating safe school climates book for free.

North Carolina in the Connected Age

North Carolina in the Connected Age Author Michael L. Walden
ISBN-10 0807888745
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 360
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At a time when North Carolina's population is exploding and its economy is shifting profoundly, one of the state's leading economists applies the tools of his trade to chronicle these changes and to inform North Carolinians in easy-to-understand terms what to expect in the future. Today we are living in a technologically connected age that has completely transformed the North Carolina economy, Walden explains. Once driven by tobacco, textiles, and furniture, the North Carolina economy now thrives on technology, pharmaceuticals, finance, food processing, and the manufacture of vehicle parts. While the state as a whole has benefited from these dramatic transformations, some population groups and regions have not experienced consistent economic growth. Walden identifies education as the key factor; a skilled, college-educated work force, he argues, is now a region's most prized commodity. Walden traces how the forces of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries have remade the North Carolina economy, impacted people and regions, and led to the most substantive public policy debates in decades. Written in a lively style and including original research and insights, North Carolina in the Connected Age is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand how the state arrived where it is today and what its future might hold.

Pathways To Success in School

Pathways To Success in School Author Etta R. Hollins
ISBN-10 9781135681685
Release 1999-03-01
Pages 232
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This text is designed to help preservice and in-service teachers identify pathways to productive teaching and learning for students from culturally and experientially diverse backgrounds. To better serve an increasingly diverse population, teachers need to be competent in selecting and developing culturally responsive curricula and instructional approaches that better facilitate learning for all students. They must be able to attend to diversity within and across cultural groups, and validate students' cultural knowledge acquired outside the classroom. To provide equitable access to learning, they must be able to strategically select or develop instructional approaches that build upon their students' learning propensities, cognitive schemata, experiential backgrounds, and perceptions. The chapter authors in this text present ways of understanding ones' own thinking (metacognition), and ways of thinking about teaching and learning situations and constructing productive strategies. The reader is engaged in: *Learning about the context in which he or she will practice, *Understanding key aspects of student's cultural and experiential background and learning preferences, *Exploring ways to bring these factors together in framing and selecting meaningful curriculum content and learning experiences. The volume is organized into three interrelated sections: Part I presents two approaches to becoming a competent practitioner; Part II offers approaches to developing and using culturally relevant pedagogy; Part III addresses curriculum content and design. Helpful pedagogical features are included to facilitate its use as a textbook: Each of the three main parts begins with an overview that provides an introduction and summary of the main ideas addressed and the relationship among ideas presented by different authors; each chapter opens with focus questions and concludes with suggested learning experiences; chapter-end references may be used to expand the reader's knowledge in specific areas.

The First Landau Institute Summer School 1993

The First Landau Institute Summer School  1993 Author Vladimir P. Mineev
ISBN-10 2884491384
Release 1995
Pages 293
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In July 1993 the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics hosted its first summer school for students of theoretical physics. This book is the result of a collaboration by many of Russia's top scientists to bring an extensive modern treatment of their work to an international audience of students and colleagues in the physical sciences. The papers in this proceedings have been selected for their timeliness and relevance to the modern physics community. Topics covered include theory of high T[subscript c] superconductors and superconductivity in heavy Fermion systems, turbulence, spin glasses, fluctuations and phase transitions, and electron-electron correlations. The educational emphasis should be valuable to the advanced graduate student as well as to many practicing researchers.

What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media

What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media Author Scott McLeod
ISBN-10 9781118116722
Release 2011-09-13
Pages 224
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Facebook, Twitter,'s tech-savvy students are always plugged in. However, all too often their teachers and administrators aren't experienced in the use of these familiar digital tools. If schools are to prepare students for the future, administrators and educators must harness the power of digital technologies and social media. With contributions from authorities on the topic of educational technology, What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media is a compendium of the most useful tools for any education setting. Throughout the book, experts including Will Richardson, Vicki Davis, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Richard Byrne, Joyce Valenza, and many others explain how administrators and teachers can best integrate technology into schools, helping to make sense of the often-confusing world of social media and digital tools. They offer the most current information for the educational use of blogs, wikis and podcasts, online learning, open-source courseware, educational gaming, social networking, online mind mapping, mobile phones, and more, and include examples of these methods currently at work in schools. As the book clearly illustrates, when these tools are combined with thoughtful and deliberate pedagogical practice, it can create a transformative experience for students, educators, and administrators alike. What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media reveals the power of information technology and social networks in the classroom and throughout the education community.

Husserl s Position in the School of Brentano

Husserl   s Position in the School of Brentano Author Robin D. Rollinger
ISBN-10 9789401718080
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 364
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Phenomenology, according to Husserl, is meant to be philosophy as rigorous science. It was Franz Brentano who inspired him to pursue the ideal of scientific philosophy. Though Husserl began his philosophical career as an orthodox disciple of Brentano, he eventually began to have doubts about this orientation. The Logische Unterschungen is the result of such doubts. Especially after the publication of that work, he became increasingly convinced that, in the interests of scientific philosophy, he had to go in a direction which diverged from Brentano and other members of this school (`Brentanists') who believed in the same ideal. An attempt is made here to ascertain Husserl's philosophical relation to Brentano and certain other Brentanists (Carl Stumpf, Benno Kerry, Kasimir Twardowski, Alexius Meinong, and Anton Marty). The crucial turning point in the development of these relations is to be found in the essay which Husserl wrote in 1894 (particularly in response to Twardowski) under the title `Intentional Objects' (which is translated as an appendix in this volume). This study will be of interest to historians of philosophy and phenomenology in particular, but also to anyone concerned with the ideal of scientific philosophy.

The Military Family s Parent Guide for Supporting Your Child in School

The Military Family s Parent Guide for Supporting Your Child in School Author Ron Avi Astor
ISBN-10 9780807753682
Release 2012
Pages 88
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While it is true that children from military families live unique and interesting lives, it is also true that they face many challenges and special circumstances that civilian children and families don't experience. These can include gaps in school attendance and learning due to frequent moves, being separated from a parent who has been deployed, and a sense of isolation in the midst of a civilian community. This unique guide provides parents with the information they need to choose a welcoming school or daycare program and suggests steps they can take to advocate for their children. It also highlights the types of questions parents should ask about how their children are faring socially, emotionally, and academically, such as: What can I do to help my child make a smooth transition to a new school? How can I support my child academically? What resources or staff does my school have to meet the needs of military children?