The Black Echo

The Black Echo Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 9781409109259
Release 2012-07-19
Pages 496
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LAPD detective Harry Bosch is a loner and a nighthawk. One Sunday he gets a call-out on his pager. A body has been found in a drainage tunnel off Mulholland Drive, Hollywood. At first sight, it looks like a routine drugs overdose case, but the one new puncture wound amid the scars of old tracks leaves Bosch unconvinced. To make matters worse, Harry Bosch recognises the victim. Billy Meadows was a fellow 'tunnel rat' in Vietnam, running against the VC and the fear they all used to call the Black Echo. Bosch believes he let down Billy Meadows once before, so now he is determined to bring the killer to justice.

The Black Echo Harry Bosch Mystery 1

The Black Echo  Harry Bosch Mystery 1 Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 9781742697611
Release 2014-06-17
Pages 377
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LAPD Detective Harry Bosch must walk the line between criminals and crooked cops following the death of an old war buddy.

The Harry Bosch Mysteries

The Harry Bosch Mysteries Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 1741755638
Release 2008
Pages 759
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Contains three Harry Bosch novels. THE BLACK ECHO: A body found in a tunnel off Mulholland Drive looks like a routine drugs overdose case, but one new puncture wound amidst the scars of old tracks leaves LAPD detective Harry Bosch unconvinced. To make matters worse, Bosch recognises the victim: Billy Meadows was a fellow 'tunnel rat' in Vietnam. Bosch believes he let down Billy once before, so now he is determined to bring the killer to justice. THE BLACK ICE: When the body of a missing LAPD narcotics officer is found, rumours soon emerge that he had been selling a new drug called Black Ice from Mexico. The LAPD are quick to declare the death as a suicide, but Bosch is not so sure. Fighting an attraction to the cop's widow, Bosch starts his own maverick investigation, which soon leads him over the borders, and into a dangerous world of shifting identities and deadly corruption. THE CONCRETE BLONDE: When Bosch shot and killed Norman Church, he was convinced it marked the end of the search for one of the city's most bizarre serial killers. But four years later, Church's widow is taking Bosch to court, accusing him of killing the wrong man. To make matters worse, Bosch has just received a note, eerily reminiscent of the ones the killer used to taunt him with. As he battles to clear his name in court, Bosch faces a desperate race against time to find the killer...

The Black Ice

The Black Ice Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 9781409111047
Release 2010-02-25
Pages 416
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When a body is found in a hotel room, reporters are soon all over the case: it appears to be a missing LAPD narcotics detective, apparently gone to the bad. The rumours were that he had been selling a new drug called Black Ice that had been infiltrating Los Angeles from the Mexican cartel. The LAPD are quick to declare the death a suicide, but Harry Bosch is not so sure. There are odd mysteries and unexplained details from the crime scene which just don't add up. Fighting an attraction to the detective's widow, Bosch starts his own maverick investigation, which soon leads him over the borders and into a dangerous world of shifting identities, police politics and deadly corruption . . .

Neun Drachen

Neun Drachen Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 9783426405765
Release 2011-03-11
Pages 480
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Im Moloch Los Angeles lässt der nächste Mord nicht lange auf sich warten: Mr. Li, der chinesische Besitzer eines Liquor Store, wird erschossen. Zunächst sieht alles nach einem gewöhnlichen Raubüberfall aus. Doch Detective Harry Bosch ist sich schnell sicher, dass es in Wirklichkeit um Schutzgelderpressung und die schmutzigen Geschäfte chinesischer Triaden geht. Sein Verdacht bestätigt sich auf grausame Weise: In Hongkong wird Harrys 15-jährige Tochter Madeline entführt, die dort seit der Scheidung mit ihrer Mutter lebt – und Harry muss mit allen Mitteln um ihr Leben kämpfen ...

Der letzte Coyote

Der letzte Coyote Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 3453431812
Release 2005
Pages 398
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Der letzte Coyote has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Der letzte Coyote also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Der letzte Coyote book for free.

Orphan X

Orphan X Author Gregg Hurwitz
ISBN-10 9783959679770
Release 2016-03-10
Pages 432
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"Lesen Sie dieses Buch! Sie werden es mir danken!" David Baldacci 1. Gebot: Keine voreiligen Schlüsse Das schwarze Satellitentelefon klingelt. Am anderen Ende ist ein Mädchen, das von einem korrupten Cop verfolgt wird. Evan Smoak wird ihr helfen. 4. Gebot: Es ist nie persönlich Evan ist ein Absolvent des Orphan-Programms, in dem Waisenkinder zu hocheffizienten Killern ausgebildet wurden. Nach Jahren des Mordens für die Regierung ist er in den Untergrund gegangen. Er hilft nun den Verzweifelten, die nicht zur Polizei gehen können. Dabei hält er sich strikt an seine eigenen Gebote. Doch diesmal muss er gegen eine Regel nach der anderen verstoßen, damit die allerwichtigste unangetastet bleibt: 10. Gebot: Lasse niemals einen Unschuldigen sterben "Orphan X ist waffenfähiges Thrillermaterial eines modernen Meisters" The Guardian "Der aufregendste Thriller, den ich seit Die Bourne Identität gelesen habe. Fans von Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp und Jason Bourne werden Evan Smoak lieben." Robert Crais "Aufregend und überwältigend! Ein perfekter Mix aus Jason Bourne und Jack Reacher." Lisa Gardner

Michael Connelly The Harry Bosch Collection ebook

Michael Connelly   The Harry Bosch Collection  ebook Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 9781409138907
Release 2011-12-15
Pages 800
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In a city of a million tales, Detective Bosch reads those written in blood. Fourteen crime novels from bestseller Michael Connelly. 'Connelly is a crime writing genius' Independent on Sunday Contains: THE BLACK ECHO, THE BLACK ICE, THE CONCRETE BLONDE, THE LAST COYOTE, TRUNK MUSIC, ANGELS FLIGHT, A DARKNESS MORE THAN NIGHT, CITY OF BONES, LOST LIGHT, THE NARROWS, THE CLOSERS, ECHO PARK, THE OVERLOOK, NINE DRAGONS

Echo Park

Echo Park Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 9780759568785
Release 2006-10-09
Pages 300
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In 1995, Marie Gesto disappeared after walking out of a supermarket in Hollywood. Harry Bosch worked the case but couldn't crack it, and the 22-year-old woman never turned up, dead or alive. Now Bosch is in the Open-Unsolved Unit, where he still keeps the Gesto file on his desk, when he gets a call from the DA. A man accused of two heinous killings is willing to come clean about several other murders, including the killing of Marie Gesto. Bosch must now take Raynard Waits's confession and get close to the man he has sought - and hated - for eleven years. But when Bosch learns that he and his partner missed a clue back in 1995 that could have led them to Gesto's killer - and that would have stopped nine murders that followed - he begins to crack. Michael Connelly's suspenseful new novel pits the detective People magazine calls "one of the most complex crime fighters around" against one of the most sadistic killers he has ever confronted. It confirms that Michael Connelly "is the best writer of suspense fiction working today" (Richmond Times-Dispatch).

The Black Ice

The Black Ice Author Damar ASAM
Release 1999-12-31
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From Publishers Weekly LAPD detective Hieronymous "Harry" Bosch, protagonist of the highly praised mystery The Black Echo , returns in a procedural thriller set in and around the drug-trafficking underworlds of inner-city Los Angeles and the wastelands of Mexico. When Bosch arrives at a sleazy hotel room where a fellow officer has committed suicide, he senses that something is awry. Noncommittal superior officers, a diffident widow and tales linking the dead man to a newly created street drug called "black ice" (heroin, crack and PCP rolled into one) send Bosch down a winding trail of forensic impossibilities, brutally violent drug traffickers and an ultimately shocking case of mistaken identity. Award-winning Connelly's second fictional effort is strong and sure. His pacing could be better--too often he conveys the same information twice--but his plot and characters more than make up for a slow start. This novel establishes him as a writer with a superior talent for storytelling. Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Kirkus Reviews Second tense, tightly wound tangle of a case for Hieronymous Bosch (The Black Echo, 1991). This time out, the LAPD homicide cop, who's been exiled to Hollywood Division for his bumptious behavior, sniffs out the bloody trail of the designer drug ``black ice.'' Connelly (who covers crime for the Los Angeles Times) again flexes his knowledge of cop ways--and of cop-novel clich‚s. Cast from the hoary mold of the maverick cop, Bosch pushes his way onto the story's core case--the apparent suicide of a narc--despite warnings by top brass to lay off. Meanwhile, Bosch's boss, a prototypical pencil-pushing bureaucrat hoping to close out a majority of Hollywood's murder cases by New Year's Day, a week hence, assigns the detective a pile of open cases belonging to a useless drunk, Lou Porter. One of the cases, the slaying of an unidentified Hispanic, seems to tie in to the death of the narc, which Bosch begins to read as murder stemming from the narc's dirty involvement in black ice. When Porter is murdered shortly after Bosch speaks to him, and then the detective's love affair with an ambitious pathologist crashes, Bosch decides to head for Mexico, where clues to all three murders point. There, the well-oiled, ten- gear narrative really picks up speed as Bosch duels with corrupt cops; attends the bullfights; breaks into a fly-breeding lab that's the distribution center for Mexico's black-ice kingpin; and takes part in a raid on the kingpin's ranch that concludes with Bosch waving his jacket like a matador's cape at a killer bull on the rampage. But the kingpin escapes, leading to a not wholly unexpected twist--and to a touching assignation with the dead narc's widow. Expertly told, and involving enough--but lacking the sheer artistry and heart-clutching thrills of, say, David Lindsay's comparable Stuart Haydon series (Body of Evidence, etc.). -- Copyright ©1993, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

The Harry Bosch Mysteries

The Harry Bosch Mysteries Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 0752838555
Release 2000
Pages 759
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Connelly s great series detective, the maverick Harry Bosch, is introduced in these first three novels of the series, collected into one convenient volume.

The Black Echo

The Black Echo Author Duyhu Aban
Release 1999-12-31
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For LAPD homicide cop Harry Bosch -- hero, maverick, nighthawk -- the body in the drainpipe at Mulholland Dam is more than another anonymous statistic. This one is personal. The dead man, Billy Meadows, was a fellow Vietnam "tunnel rat" who fought side by side with him in a nightmare underground war that brought them to the depths of hell. Now, Bosch is about to relive the horror of Nam. From a dangerous maze of blind alleys to a daring criminal heist beneath the city to the tortuous link that must be uncovered, his survival instincts will once again be tested to their limit. Joining with an enigmatic and seductive female FBI agent, pitted against enemies inside his own department, Bosch must make the agonizing choice between justice and vengeance, as he tracks down a killer whose true face will shock him. From Publishers Weekly Connelly transcends the standard L.A. police procedural with this original and eminently authentic first novel, featuring Hieronymus (aka Harry) Bosch, a former hero cop exiled to the small-time Beverly Hills force. In July, Little, Brown will publish a sequel, Black Ice . Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc. From School Library Journal YA-- Harry Bosch likes order, contends that there are no coincidences, and keeps meticulous records in his murder book.'' When the body of a formertunnel rat'' from Vietnam is found in a drainpipe, Harry is the detective on duty and is called to the scene. His identification of the body begins an investigation that leads to more murder, bank robbery, heroin, diamonds, and betrayal. Connelly's descriptions of autopsies, murder scenes, and police procedure are vivid and realistic. The use of acronyms and police jargon puts readers in the middle of the action. A real page turner with gutty realism and an unusual twist. - Debbie Hyman, R. E. Lee High School, Springfield, VA Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Der Mandant

Der Mandant Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 3453435672
Release 2011
Pages 543
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Der abgebrühte Strafverteidiger Mickey Haller nimmt den Auftrag an, einen Mann aus reichem Haus zu verteidigen, der der Vergewaltigung und Körperverletzungbeschuldigt wird. Doch was anfänglich leicht aussieht, wird ein mörderisches Katz- und Maus-Spiel.

Letzte Warnung

Letzte Warnung Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 9783426425862
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 416
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Harry Boschs neunter Fall - endlich auch im eBook! Detective Harry Bosch hat den Dienst quittiert. Bei seinem Abschied hat er ein paar Akten mit unerledigten Fällen mitgenommen. Besonders der Fall um eine junge Frau, die bei einem Filmdreh auf dem Set ermordet wurde, lässt ihm keine Ruhe. Er hat sich geschworen, diesen Mord aufzuklären. Stattdessen findet er sich plötzlich selbst im Fadenkreuz der Ermittlungen wieder.

Crime Beat

Crime Beat Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 9781409121787
Release 2009-12-23
Pages 320
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'Death is my beat.' Those words, spoken by the narrator and hero of The Poet, Jack McEvoy, could also apply to Michael Connelly. Time and time again in these riveting pieces, we make the connection between Connelly the crime reporter and Connelly the novelist: 'On the day I arrived in Los Angeles I sat in the newspaper editor's office being interviewed for a job on the crime beat. The day before there had been a bank heist in which the thieves had gone into the city's labyrinthine storm water tunnel system to get beneath the bank before tunnelling upward.' Years later that story would become The Black Echo. 'Moments. They kept coming. One morning an editor called me and told me to swing by a murder scene on my way to the office. Just like that, like I was picking up a coffee on the way to work. The murder was on Woodrow Wilson Drive in the Hollywood Hills. I went as instructed and got the story. I also got the place where I would put the home of the fictional detective [Harry Bosch] I had secretly begun writing about . . .' The cops, the killers, the cases - it's all here in a collection that is a MUST for Connelly fans.

Schwarzes Echo

Schwarzes Echo Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 9783426432303
Release 2014-02-17
Pages 511
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Harry Boschs erster Fall! Detective Harry Bosch, unbequem, aber brillant, wird zu den berüchtigten Hollywood Detectives strafversetzt, weil er in vermeintlicher Notwehr einen Unbewaffneten erschossen hat. Doch der einstige Superstar des Morddezernats von Los Angeles hat nicht lange Zeit, sich darüber zu ärgern: Bei einem Routinefall erkennt er in einem toten Junkie einen ehemaligen Kameraden aus dem Vietnamkrieg wieder. Er glaubt schon bald nicht mehr an einen Drogentod – und stößt auf eine undurchsichtige Geschichte von Korruption und Machtgier. Michael Connelly ist zurück - und das in Bestform!

Angels Flight

Angels Flight Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 9781742371672
Release 2009
Pages 400
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A lawyer is found murdered on the eve of a landmark trial at the foot of Angels Flight in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.