The Mirage of Dignity on the highways of Human Progress

The Mirage of Dignity on the highways of Human    Progress   Author Lukman Harees
ISBN-10 1467007730
Release 2012-01-16
Pages 780
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The Modern Man is hypocritically boasting of unprecedented material progress in a world , where ,inter-alia millions daily go to bed hungry, die or get killed through unwanted wars and preventable causes, live in inhumane conditions , vulnerable being exploited , with ever widening inequality , and might still ruling over right in international relations, even in the post UDHR era! an indictment on the collective conscience of mankind. Besides, the flame of materialism has been devouring time tested moral values, causing chaos within the basic unit in society- the family and relegating Man and his dignity to the level of animals and even manipulating his identity. Therefore questions arise: Is Moral law fading ; are political/economic systems and institutions like UN failing in realizing the lofty goal of affording due dignity , basic rights and social justice humanity deserves? Can the bystanders be mere onlookers anymore? This book seeks to dispassionately survey the yawning gap between the rhetoric and the ground reality in bringing about dignity and social justice for humanity from bystanders’ perspective in the light of these questions and underlines the imperative need for moral progress to go hand in hand to make Man assume his due role as the trustee on earth. It also exhorts bystanders to close ranks as human- dignity champions, rights defenders, identity protectors- against onslaughts from power hungry politicians, mighty powers and vested interests. This is the need of the times and what our future progeny demands.

The Mirage of Social Justice

The Mirage of Social Justice Author Friedrich August Hayek
ISBN-10 071008403X
Release 1976-01-01
Pages 195
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This is a three-part study of the relations between law and liberty. Volume 1 deals with the basic conceptions necessary for a critical analysis of prevailing theories of justice and of the conditions which a constitution securing personal liberty would have to satisfy. In volume 2, the author examines the theories of utilitariansim and legal positivism and considers the concept of 'social justice.' He shows this ideal to be devoid of meaning and therefore a most harmful and dangerous cause of the mis-direction of well-meant efforts: he demonstrates that it is a remnant of the tribal ethics of a closed society and whooly incompatible with the individual freedom whih the Open Society promises. In the final volume, Hayek analyses and discards modern sociobiological theories of morality and social conduct, demonstrating that man's behaviour pattern has been determined more by custom than by the exercise of reason, and that mind and culture therefore developed concurrently and not successively. He shows how the democratic ideal is in danger of miscarrying due to the erroneous assumptions that there can be moral standards without moral discipline, that the element of tradition can be ignored in proposals for restructuring society, and the way in which the disctinct ideals of egalitarianism and democracy are increasingly confused.


Mirage Author Matt Ruff
ISBN-10 3423215941
Release 2015-07-01
Pages 496
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Mirage has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mirage also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mirage book for free.

Mirage of Health

Mirage of Health Author René Jules Dubos
ISBN-10 0813512603
Release 1987-10
Pages 282
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The Mirage

The Mirage Author Naguib Mahfouz
ISBN-10 9780307947673
Release 2012-02-14
Pages 400
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A stunning example of Nobel Prize-winning Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz’s psychological portraiture, The Mirage is the story of an intense young man who has been so dominated by his mother that her death sets him dangerously adrift in a world he cannot manage alone. Kamil Ru’ba is a tortured soul who hopes that writing the story of his life will help him gain control of it. Raised by a mother who fled her abusive husband and became overbearingly possessive and protective toward her young son, he has long been isolated emotionally and physically. Now in his twenties, Kamil seeks to escape her posthumous grasp. Finding and successfully courting the woman of his dreams seems to promise salvation, until his ignorance of mature love and his fear and jealousy lead to tragedy.

The Mirage Of China

The Mirage Of China Author Xin Liu
ISBN-10 9780857456120
Release 2013-07-15
Pages 222
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Today’s world is one marked by the signs of digital capitalism and global capitalist expansion, and China is increasingly being integrated into this global system of production and consumption. As a result, China’s immediate material impact is now felt almost everywhere in the world; however, the significance and process of this integration is far from understood. This study shows how the a priori categories of statistical reasoning came to be re-born and re-lived in the People’s Republic - as essential conditions for the possibility of a new mode of knowledge and governance. From the ruins of the Maoist revolution China has risen through a mode of quantitative self-objectification. As the author argues, an epistemological rift has separated the Maoist years from the present age of the People’s Republic, which appears on the global stage as a mirage. This study is an ethnographic investigation of concepts - of the conceptual forces that have produced and been produced by - two forms of knowledge, life, and governance. As the author shows, the world of China, contrary to the common view, is not the Chinese world; it is a symptomatic moment of our world at the present time.

The Mirage of a Space between Nature and Nurture

The Mirage of a Space between Nature and Nurture Author Evelyn Fox Keller
ISBN-10 9780822392811
Release 2010-05-21
Pages 116
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In this powerful critique, the esteemed historian and philosopher of science Evelyn Fox Keller addresses the nature-nurture debates, including the persistent disputes regarding the roles played by genes and the environment in determining individual traits and behavior. Keller is interested in both how an oppositional “versus” came to be inserted between nature and nurture, and how the distinction on which that opposition depends, the idea that nature and nurture are separable, came to be taken for granted. How, she asks, did the illusion of a space between nature and nurture become entrenched in our thinking, and why is it so tenacious? Keller reveals that the assumption that the influences of nature and nurture can be separated is neither timeless nor universal, but rather a notion that emerged in Anglo-American culture in the late nineteenth century. She shows that the seemingly clear-cut nature-nurture debate is riddled with incoherence. It encompasses many disparate questions knitted together into an indissoluble tangle, and it is marked by a chronic ambiguity in language. There is little consensus about the meanings of terms such as nature, nurture, gene, and environment. Keller suggests that contemporary genetics can provide a more appropriate, precise, and useful vocabulary, one that might help put an end to the confusion surrounding the nature-nurture controversy.

Economic Reforms in Ghana

Economic Reforms in Ghana Author Ernest Aryeetey
ISBN-10 0865438447
Release 2000
Pages 374
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Economic Reforms in Ghana has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Economic Reforms in Ghana also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Economic Reforms in Ghana book for free.

The Mirage Man

The Mirage Man Author David Willman
ISBN-10 9780345530219
Release 2011-06-07
Pages 464
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For the first time, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist David Willman tells the whole gripping story of the hunt for the anthrax killer who terrorized the country in the dark days that followed the September 11th attacks. Letters sent surreptitiously from a mailbox in New Jersey to media and political figures in New York, Florida, and Washington D.C. killed five people and infected seventeen others. For years, the case remained officially unsolved—and it consumed the FBI and became a rallying point for launching the Iraq War. Far from Baghdad, at Fort Detrick, Maryland, stood Bruce Ivins: an accomplished microbiologist at work on patenting a next-generation anthrax vaccine. Ivins, it turned out, also was a man the FBI consulted frequently to learn the science behind the attacks. The Mirage Man reveals how this seemingly harmless if eccentric scientist hid a sinister secret life from his closest associates and family, and how the trail of genetic and circumstantial evidence led inexorably to him. Along the way, Willman exposes the faulty investigative work that led to the public smearing of the wrong man, Steven Hatfill, a scientist specializing in biowarfare preparedness whose life was upended by media stakeouts and op-ed-page witch hunts. Engrossing and unsparing, The Mirage Man is a portrait of a deeply troubled scientist who for more than twenty years had unlimited access to the U.S. Army’s stocks of deadly anthrax. It is also the story of a struggle for control within the FBI investigation, the missteps of an overzealous press, and how a cadre of government officials disregarded scientific data while spinning the letter attacks into a basis for war. As The Mirage Man makes clear, America must, at last, come to terms with the lessons to be learned from what Bruce Ivins wrought. The nation’s security depends on it. From the Hardcover edition.

Mirage of the Saracen

Mirage of the Saracen Author Walter D. Ward
ISBN-10 9780520959521
Release 2014-12-17
Pages 224
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Mirage of the Saracen analyzes the growth of monasticism and Christian settlements in the Sinai Peninsula through the early seventh century C.E. Walter D. Ward examines the ways in which Christian monks justified occupying the Sinai through creating associations between Biblical narratives and Sinai sites while assigning uncivilized, negative, and oppositional traits to the indigenous nomadic population, whom the Christians pejoratively called "Saracens." By writing edifying tales of hostile nomads and the ensuing martyrdom of the monks, Christians not only reinforced their claims to the spiritual benefits of asceticism but also provoked the Roman authorities to enhance defense of pilgrimage routes to the Sinai. When Muslim armies later began conquering the Middle East, Christians also labeled these new conquerors as Saracens, connecting Muslims to these pre-Islamic representations. This timely and relevant work builds a historical account of interreligious encounters in the ancient world, showing the Sinai as a crucible for forging long-lasting images of both Christians and Muslims, some of which endure today.


Mirage Author Joseph Robert Janes
ISBN-10 IND:30000026023352
Release 1992
Pages 272
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Inspector Jean-Louis St-Cyr of the Su+a3rete+a7 is called in to investigate a murder in German-occupied France, but he is being shadowed by a maverick Gestapo officer who has been assigned to follow the progress of his investigation. A first novel.


Mirage Author Stefan Müller
ISBN-10 9783738064551
Release 2016-03-24
Pages 316
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Seit einigen Jahren ist der erfolgreiche Künstler Arthur Daily verschollen. Johannes Becker, der Protagonist dieser Geschichte schlüpft in die Rolle des kreativen Talents und schwelgt in Luxus und Reichtum. Zunehmend häufen sich Indizien, die darauf schließen lassen, dass eine fremde Person in die nun frei gewordene Rolle des Johannes Becker geschlüpft ist. Unser Protagonist muss sein gewohntes Umfeld verlassen und den Dingen auf den Grund gehen. Es beginnt die Jagd nach einem Phantom. Einem Phantom, das immer wieder öffentlich in Erscheinung tritt, Geige spielt und dabei Gedichte der Beat Generation rezitiert. Aber warum? Wieso tut er das? Wer zur Hölle ist dieser Verrückte? Ein Verrückter, der als Johannes Becker beliebter und erfolgreicher ist als es unser Held der Geschichte je war. Johannes Becker zieht mit seinen Freunden los und erlebt haarsträubende Abenteuer, ehe der Rivale gestellt werden kann.


Mirage Author Soheir Khashoggi
ISBN-10 1429912960
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 448
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Amira Badir, a young woman from a wealthy family in the Middle Eastern country of al-Remal, lives a life of luxury in opulent palaces. But repressive al-Remal discourages intelligence and initiative, so her life is also one of stark contrasts: wearing designer gowns at home, but never stepping outside without being swathed in black veils and accompanied by an escort. Amira is not prepared for the sadistic savagery of her new husband, nor for the increasing control he exerts over her. Fearing for her safety, she escapes with her baby to start a new life in the United States. But her past—and her powerful husband—won't give her up easily. . . .

Quest for Exceptional Leadership

Quest for Exceptional Leadership Author Ravi Chaudhry
ISBN-10 9788132105633
Release 2011-02-14
Pages 276
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Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality outlines the emergence of a new fifth phase of human enterprise that is redefining the criteria of success as well as re-configuring the routes to success. The author analyses the changing paradigms and provides a down-to-earth, realistic blueprint to acquire the relevant leadership traits. Corporations do not have the option to wait; they have to re-align themselves with the new reality – now. The author makes a compelling case that those who embrace the new realism will achieve sustained profitability for their companies and ‘Triple Top Line’ of joy, peace, and contentment in their personal lives.


Mirage Author Don Passman
ISBN-10 0708947271
Release 2002-01
Pages 488
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After playing in a two-day chess tournament, John Berger arrives at work to find his office building bombed and several people killed. When questioned, he explains he was playing chess at the time of the explosion. Then comes a greater shock - the police tell him the chess tournament never took place. Thus begins a terrifying spiral of events. Berger becomes both the FBI's and the police's prime suspect in the bombing, and suddenly he finds himself hallucinating and losing his grip on reality...


Mirage Author George Hager
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105019246839
Release 1997
Pages 337
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Examines America's budget deficit and the futile attempts of politicians to balance the federal budget


Mirage Author Boris Vallejo
ISBN-10 1855859092
Release 2001
Pages 112
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First published in 1997, Mirage took the fantasy world on a whirlwind tour, introducing us to paintings so bold, so provocative and superb that it became a major success. This astounding volume showcases alluring paintings of sensuous women and strong men, set against mythical, otherworldly backgrounds, and contains over 40 color and black and white illustrations, as well as 8 full pages of new, never before seen or published art work.