Mad Matters

Mad Matters Author Brenda A. LeFrançois
ISBN-10 9781551305349
Release 2013
Pages 394
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In 1981, Toronto activist Mel Starkman wrote: "An important new movement is sweeping through the western world.... The 'mad,' the oppressed, the ex-inmates of society's asylums are coming together and speaking for themselves." Mad Matters is the first Canadian book to bring together the writings of this vital movement, which has grown explosively in the years since. With contributions from scholars in numerous disciplines, as well as activists and psychiatric survivors, it presents diverse critical voices that convey the lived experiences of the psychiatrized and challenges dominant understandings of "mental illness." The connections between mad activism and other liberation struggles are stressed throughout, making the book a major contribution to the literature on human rights and anti-oppression.

The mad hatters

The mad hatters Author Douglas Sutherland
ISBN-10 UOM:39015050599110
Release 1987-01-01
Pages 208
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The mad hatters has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The mad hatters also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The mad hatters book for free.

Holy Fools and Mad Hatters

Holy Fools and Mad Hatters Author Edward Hays
ISBN-10 0939516187
Release 1993
Pages 165
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With parables and stories that delight the soul, as well as practical exercises for inner attainment found at the end of each chapter, this handbook will assist you along the pathway of discipleship.

Alice vs Wonderland

Alice vs  Wonderland Author Stan Billingsley
ISBN-10 1475906285
Release 2012-03-23
Pages 332
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This work of fiction, was inspired by an actual case where the Kentucky Bar Association investigated a prominent lawyer for merely writing a letter to the Kentucky Legislature which was critical of a ruling of the Legislative Ethics Commission. The Ministry is a secret government agency and their actions are not subject to disclosure. The legal rules cited actually exist and provide a warning to those who create such rules of the need for reform, not only to protect lawyers, but to protect the public who consume legal services and expect their lawyer to have the right to fearlessly represent them. This case was only made public when the attorney, John M. Berry Jr. and the ACLU, filed a federal lawsuit. That case is currently on appeal to the 6th. U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Alice is a member of the Ky. Supreme Court. She fights the Ministry of Ethics, an agency of the Courts which investigates and sanctions attorneys for any conduct they find to be offensive. This book was published in April of 2011. In November of 2011 the chief KBA ethics prosecutor was fired. The Bar Association has never given a reason for her discharge.

The Hatter is Mad

The Hatter is Mad Author J. A. Cipriano
Release 2015-01-13
Pages 153
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In Kill It With Magic, Lillim Callina faced off with vampires, werewolves, and dragons. Now, in The Hatter is Mad, Lillim has attracted the attention of an altogether different bad guy. Seventeen-year-old Lillim Callina was just one lamp short of perfectly decorating her apartment when an ancient orcish warrior throws a car through her front door, burns her place to the ground, and unleashes the Lord of Death on Earth.

Blockbuster Science

Blockbuster Science Author David Siegel Bernstein
ISBN-10 9781633883703
Release 2017-10-10
Pages 336
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If you've ever wondered how much real science goes into movies like Gravity, novels like The Martian, and television shows like Doctor Who, this is the book for you. Written by an author who is both a data scientist and a science fiction writer, this entertaining and accessible book uses popular science fiction movies, stories, and TV shows to explain the science behind popular narrative concepts like time travel, lightsabers, AI, genetic mutation, asteroids, cyborgs, black holes, alien invasion, the zombie apocalypse, and more. What could be a more fun way to explore the world of science than through its use—accurately or fantastically—in science fiction entertainment: movies, books, and TV shows? Learn about relativity through Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game and the movie Interstellar; black holes and wormholes in connection with Contact and Planet of the Apes; theories about the origin of life as reflected in Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; computer science and artificial intelligence in reference to A.I. Artificial Intelligence; and much, much, more. Written with wit, clarity, and a great sense of fun, Blockbuster Science will inspire science fiction fans to get excited about real science while also putting an engaging pop culture spin on science for any curious reader.

The Laws and Customes of Scotland in Matters Criminal

The Laws and Customes of Scotland  in Matters Criminal Author Sir George Mackenzie
ISBN-10 UOM:35112204853909
Release 1678
Pages 583
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The Laws and Customes of Scotland in Matters Criminal has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Laws and Customes of Scotland in Matters Criminal also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Laws and Customes of Scotland in Matters Criminal book for free.

The Unfolding of Language

The Unfolding of Language Author Guy Deutscher
ISBN-10 9781466837836
Release 2006-05-02
Pages 368
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Blending the spirit of Eats, Shoots & Leaves with the science of The Language Instinct, an original inquiry into the development of that most essential-and mysterious-of human creations: Language Language is mankind's greatest invention-except, of course, that it was never invented." So begins linguist Guy Deutscher's enthralling investigation into the genesis and evolution of language. If we started off with rudimentary utterances on the level of "man throw spear," how did we end up with sophisticated grammars, enormous vocabularies, and intricately nuanced degrees of meaning? Drawing on recent groundbreaking discoveries in modern linguistics, Deutscher exposes the elusive forces of creation at work in human communication, giving us fresh insight into how language emerges, evolves, and decays. He traces the evolution of linguistic complexity from an early "Me Tarzan" stage to such elaborate single-word constructions as the Turkish sehirlilestiremediklerimizdensiniz ("you are one of those whom we couldn't turn into a town dweller"). Arguing that destruction and creation in language are intimately entwined, Deutscher shows how these processes are continuously in operation, generating new words, new structures, and new meanings. As entertaining as it is erudite, The Unfolding of Language moves nimbly from ancient Babylonian to American idiom, from the central role of metaphor to the staggering triumph of design that is the Semitic verb, to tell the dramatic story and explain the genius behind a uniquely human faculty.

Community Engagement 2 0 Dialogues on the Future of the Civic in the Disrupted University

Community Engagement 2 0   Dialogues on the Future of the Civic in the Disrupted University Author Scott L. Crabill
ISBN-10 9781137441065
Release 2014-04-25
Pages 118
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As higher education is disrupted by technology and takes place less and less on campus, what does meaningful community engagement look like? How can it continue to enrich learning? In Community Engagement 2.0? , Crabill and Butin convene a dialogue: five writers set out theoretical and practical considerations, five more discuss the issues raised.

Jefferson s Road The Tree of Liberty

Jefferson s Road  The Tree of Liberty Author Michael J. Scott
Release 2013-11-23
Pages 334
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Captured by Federal Authorities, Peter Baird finds himself incarcerated in a FEMA Camp run by the corrupt officials who've taken over the government. But even here he is aided by the remnants of the militia, still struggling in a seemingly hopeless battle against those who've seized power in the wake of the failed revolution. Peter joins forces with other victims of the government crack-down and plots to seize control of the camp to free them all. The only question is whether any of them will survive.

Why Lawsuits are Good for America

Why Lawsuits are Good for America Author Carl T. Bogus
ISBN-10 9780814737941
Release 2003-07-01
Pages 265
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Judging by the frequency with which it makes an appearance in television news shows and late night stand up routines, the frivolous lawsuit has become part and parcel of our national culture. A woman sues McDonald’s because she was scalded when she spilled her coffee. Thousands file lawsuits claiming they were injured by Agent Orange, silicone breast implants, or Bendectin although scientists report these substances do not cause the diseases in question. The United States, conventional wisdom has it, is a hyperlitigious society, propelled by avaricious lawyers, harebrained judges, and runaway juries. Lawsuits waste money and time and, moreover, many are simply groundless. Carl T. Bogus is not so sure. In Why Lawsuits Are Good for America, Bogus argues that common law works far better than commonly understood. Indeed, Bogus contends that while the system can and occasionally does produce “wrong” results, it is very difficult for it to make flatly irrational decisions. Blending history, theory, empirical data, and colorful case studies, Bogus explains why the common law, rather than being outdated, may be more necessary than ever. As Bogus sees it, the common law is an essential adjunct to governmental regulation—essential, in part, because it is not as easily manipulated by big business. Meanwhile, big business has launched an all out war on the common law. “Tort reform”—measures designed to make more difficult for individuals to sue corporations—one of the ten proposals in the Republican Contract With America, and George W. Bush’s first major initiative as Governor of Texas. And much of what we have come to believe about the system comes from a coordinated propaganda effort by big business and its allies. Bogus makes a compelling case for the necessity of safeguarding the system from current assaults. Why Lawsuits Are Good for America provides broad historical overviews of the development of American common law, torts, products liability, as well as fresh and provocative arguments about the role of the system of “disciplined democracy” in the twenty-first century.

Feeling Matters

Feeling Matters Author Michael Eigen
ISBN-10 1855754118
Release 2007
Pages 160
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* Exploration of how the psychotherapeutic action of allowing feelings to freely unfold helps the patient Psychotherapy is based on the premise that feelings matter. Michael Eigen explores feelings as they are experienced in psychoanalytic sessions. One patient fears her feelings, another experiences his world through the lens of "killer words", for another delusional thinking in the present is maintained by delusional ideas about his past, and yet another feels the profound impact of world events. As these and other therapeutic cases unfold, complex, painful, deadening, and rejected feelings are revealed and we see what happens when the therapist and patient give these feelings time, space, and attention. As Eigen writes: "A positive contribution therapy makes is to give people time. Yes, therapist and patient rush past each other or over each other, as is common in daily life. But an overall aim in therapy is to make time for experiencing...not to rush off after ten minutes because things are getting too complicated or uneasy. To stay with feelings building in the room, and stay some more." This book will be welcomed by psychoanalysts and psychotherapists and by all with an interest in Eigen's work.

Inspirational Passages from Our God

Inspirational Passages from Our God Author Shirley Crowe
ISBN-10 9781615660773
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 71
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Each blade of grass has its spot on earth whence it draws its life, its strength; and so is man rooted to the land from which he draws his faith together with his life. - Joseph Conrad The sun shining through a window. The waves lapping at a shore. The innocent look of a deer caught in a field at sunrise. Too often we forget that these seemingly small incidences are moments to be treasured as part and parcel of the human existence and reminders of God's love. In Inspirational Passages from Our God, Shirley Crowe explores the simple wonders surrounding her as part of God's loving creation. Through this collection of intimate, evocative verses, Shirley shares a journey of faith, love, and wonderment that will be sure to tug at heartstrings and bring peace to the soul. From a babbling brook to a star-studded sky, every experience and every element are their own Inspirational Passages from Our God. Shirley Crowe resides in a small town outside Huntsville, Alabama with her husband, Buddy, and near her daughter, Tammy Ann. She is a lover of nature and animals and enjoys spending time outdoors and with her family.

Sick Girl

Sick Girl Author Amy Silverstein
ISBN-10 1555848761
Release 2008-10-13
Pages 304
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The hardcover publication of Sick Girl garnered tremendous attention, generated impressive sales, and ignited controversy. Both inspiring and provocative, reactions to the book ranged from inflammatory posts on a U.S. News & World Report blog, to hundreds of letters from readers, to a full-page review in People. Amy’s force, candor, and her refusal to be the thankful patient from whom we expect undiluted gratitude for the medical treatments that have extended her life, have put her at the center of a debate on patient rights and the omnipotent power of doctors. At twenty-four, Amy was a typical type-A law student: smart, driven, and highly competitive. With a full course load and a budding romance, it seemed nothing could slow her down. Until her heart began to fail. Amy chronicles her harrowing medical journey from the first misdiagnosis to her astonishing recovery, which is made all the more dramatic by the romantic bedside courtship with her future husband, and her uncompromising desire to become a mother. In her remarkable book she presents a patient’s perspective with shocking honesty that allows the reader to live her nightmare from the inside—an unforgettable experience that is both disturbing and utterly compelling.

None But the Mad

None But the Mad Author Jack Fenix
ISBN-10 9781849913911
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 93
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DescriptionDrugs, delusions and disorders, a five year jaunt through the many afflictions of one man who just refused to die. A true story about how a man's madness turned into a search for the answers to great philosphical questions in order to regain his sanity. The book which casually jumps from comedy through tragedy and borders on philosophy is an account of many of the mental health problems that can affect a person, depression, post traumatic stress, messianic and psychotic delusions and social anxiety from a man who experienced them all and experienced them while on drugs. Madness is not a description that fully does justice to the many experiences and choices of this one peculiar man. About the AuthorJack Fenix was born in October of 1986 and raised for most of his life by a single mother. From a young age he began having the delusion that he was meant to save the world, his first experience of mental illness, and became more engrossed in it as time passed. Experiencing post traumatic stress disorder at age fifteen he withdrew from the world even further into drug addiction and using computer games as another means of escapism. At age eighteen he was hit by a further traumatic incident which forced him to face up to years of mental illness and delusion and quit the drugs which he had used to keep himself from facing reality. After years in recovery he faces many mental health problems but tries to stay active in the cause of mental health reform as much as possible.

Mad Bad And Sad

Mad  Bad And Sad Author Lisa Appignanesi
ISBN-10 9780748133529
Release 2011-10-06
Pages 608
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Mad, bad and sad. From the depression suffered by Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath to the mental anguish and addictions of iconic beauties Zelda Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe. From Freud and Jung and the radical breakthroughs of psychoanalysis to Lacan's construction of a modern movement and the new women-centred therapies. This is the story of how we have understood mental disorders and extreme states of mind in women over the last two hundred years and how we conceive of them today, when more and more of our inner life and emotions have become a matter for medics and therapists.

Mentoring Matters

Mentoring Matters Author Mark Benigni
ISBN-10 9781607099413
Release 2011-01-16
Pages 110
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As schools are trying to connect with their students and assure that every student has an adult mentor in the building, the need for school-based mentoring programs could not be