Letters to a Young Contrarian (Art of Mentoring (Paperback))

Letters to a Young Contrarian (Art of Mentoring (Paperback)) Author Christopher Hitchens
ISBN-10 0465030335
ISBN-13 9780465030330
Year 2005-04-13
Pages 160
Language English
Publisher Basic Books
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In the book that he was born to write provocateur and best selling author Christopher Hitchens inspires future generations of radicals gadflies mavericks rebels angry young wo men and dissidents Who better to speak to that person who finds him or herself in a contrarian position than Hitchens who has made a career of disagreeing in profound and entertaining ways This book explores the entire range of contrary positions from noble dissident to gratuitous pain in the butt In an age of overly polite debate bending over backward to reach a happy consensus within an increasingly centrist political dialogue Hitchens pointedly pitches himself in contrast He bemoans the loss of the skills of dialectical thinking evident in contemporary society He understands the importance of disagreement to personal integrity to informed discussion to true progress heck to democracy itself Epigrammatic spunky witty in your face timeless and timely this book is everything you would expect from a mentoring contrarian

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