5 on Friday

One. 15 Things To Remember | I saw this list of 15 things to remember on tumblr last night and it really struck a chord with me. I decided to copy it into my bullet journal so I could always have it as a reminder. I know my handwriting is a bit messy in this […]

Spring Wishlist

The weather is finally starting to warm up in Boston and it is making me so excited for Spring! I’ve been in need of a few new spring items for the season and after browsing the internet for a little bit, I’ve found a bunch of new items I am loving and definitely want to […]

5 on Friday

One. Toby | Monday was my little babe’s second birthday and I cannot believe he is already two years old! I love him so so much and I am so grateful to be his mom. Love you always, Toby Creed! Two. Celtics Games | On Wednesday my brother and I got Celtics tickets for $30 […]

April Goals

Hi everyone and happy April! I’m in my last full month of undergrad before I graduate college and I cannot believe how fast time has flown! Today I’m sharing my April goals with all of you! Make sure to let me know some of your goals for the month!   Move all winter stuff home […]

5 on Friday

One. Divide | HOLY SHIT you guys!! Divide came out at midnight and I did not sleep because I listened to it like 5 times through. I AM OBSESSED. A full review/my thoughts will be posted on Monday. But for now, I cannot stop listening to it. Perfect is my favorite with Dive, Castle on the […]

March and Lent Goals

Hi everyone! Happy March! I cannot believe we’re in the third month of 2017. Time is flying and I just can’t seem to grasp that its almost Spring. Today I’m sharing my March and Lent goals with all of you. I’ve never really mentioned any of my religious beliefs on here (at least I can’t […]

Currently {February}

Anticipating// Spring Break! I’m just so over school right now! I’m not doing anything fun for spring break, I’m actually getting surgery but at least I’ll have a week off from homework! Feeling// Tired, but I’m trying to fix my sleep schedule so no nap for me today! Enjoying// WordPress.org!! I finally took the plunge […]

5 Ways to Practice Self-Love

Self-love ; self ˈləv/ noun: regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic). Self love is so important, you guys! I was never one to take care of myself during the school year because I always find myself to be so busy with homework. However, last year I realized that […]